Monday, April 25, 2011

I ♥ Pinwheels

It's official. I have fallen in love with pinwheels. They are my new favorite addition to any event, dessert, table, you name it. I have a whole folder on my computer filled with ideas for what to use pinwheels with if the chance arises. Sick, I know.

It all started when planning Teri's shower.
  I found a site on Etsy that had the cutest pinwheels. While there weren't any in the colors we wanted, the seller was sweet enough to find the perfect paper to go with the theme. Once they arrived, I knew it was the start of something good. ;)

How cute are they in cupcakes?!?

I've been finding all sorts of tutorials on how to make them, pinwheel garlands, and much more. Hopefully I will have an excuse to make some here soon! Until than, I'll keep blog searching for more ideas! :)

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