Saturday, April 9, 2011

Soul Surfer

Travis and I went to see this last night. I highly recommend it. When we sat down in the theater we realized there was a group of 40 jr. highers behind us. I will admit, we were both annoyed. They were already loud and we really didn't want to miss half the movie because of background noise. But than Trav said," Wait. They are from a youth group." That's when I realized that those kids had chosen to spend their Friday night together at this movie to watch the story of a young girl who gave it all up to the Lord and overcame something greater than any of us could imagine. Awesome. They could have been anywhere but they choose this.

The theater was packed. I imagine a good 75% of the crowd were Christians. But the other half came because they knew a little about her story and I'm sure, wanted to learn more or see how the media portrayed it. Well, they left with an awful lot more. They listened to Carrie Underwood, Dennis Quiad, Anna Sophia Robb, and Helen Hunt sing "Blessed Be Your Name" on the big screen. They heard scripture after scripture quoted. They saw the questions being asked of "Why God let's bad things happen" or "How can this be His plan for my life?." They witnessed a family cling not only to each other but to the Lord's plan for each day. The watched the story of Bethany unfold as she struggled through her trial but with the strength that only He can give, she overcame it and discovered something greater than she thought was possible. Pretty cool.

If you have a free time with Easter breaks coming up, check it out. It's a tear jerker so be prepared.( My eyes were brimming with tears the entire time. )

Here's the trailer :

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