Thursday, April 21, 2011

Yummy Garlic Bread Knots!

Last night I made mostacolli for dinner. When Trav and I were first married we ate it quite possibly weekly. Because it makes so much we would have it for dinner, than lunch, than dinner again, than lunch again! I hadn't made it for awhile and it's super easy so I figured it was time to bring it back. 

I would normally serve garlic bread with it but I get so tired of regular garlic bread. And I have this issue where if something is easy or familiar about a meal I need to do something new or creative to spice it up. I started browsing online for homemade bread sticks. I stumbled across a site called Hosier Homemade and a recipe for what she called Parmesan knots that she made while serving mostacolli. ( you can find pictures here )Sounded yummy so I gave them a try!

I felt liked I worked for Wetzel's Pretzels as I rolled out the biscuits into rope-like strands. They were easy to tie in a knot and than I threw them in the oven till they looked golden on top. While they were in the oven I prepared the dipping sauce. I melted a half a stick of butter, threw in some grated parmesan, a little oregano, some parsley, and some garlic powder. I'm really bad about measuring. I always eyeball everything and I don't remember the last time I used a teaspoon while baking. ( Hmmm, if you ever think something I made tastes odd, that is probably why. Don't be afraid to tell me to use measuring cups next time! ;) So, I just poured and stirred until it looked ( and tasted ) right. After they come out of the oven turn them over and dip them in the mix and set them on a plate. They are than ready to go!!

Dinner was delish. A simple meal with a fun twist. Heidi and her boys were here and it's always fun having an excuse to cook for more people.....and watching Huddy go face first for the cake! ;) Those garlic bread knots are dangerous though. Since they are small you can eat so many more. I can't even admit how many I had!

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  1. That was a wonderful dinner, also known as chinese spaghetti :)