Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Showering our new sister - in - law

Planning started the day Trent proposed. Ok, maybe not really but soon after ideas started buzzing in our heads on what to do for our soon to be sister-in-law's shower. The colors for the wedding are a pale, pale pink and white. Perfect for a shower! Soft and delicate looking.

For the past few months many ETSY purchases have been made, lots of online browsing, many phone calls and texts between Heidi, Katie, and I, and of course a last minute run to the flower mart and Shenodahs for the final touches. It all came together and it was beautiful! 

Teri is wonderful and it was a treat to plan this shower for her. Every detail, color, idea had her in mind and the joy this day would bring her as those who love her so much would shower her with love and blessings on the upcoming marriage. In June I will be officially getting my 6th sister and you really can't have too many. I think 6 is the perfect number and I am so thankful for these women who are such a huge part of my life. Trent found a true treasure for a wife and I look forward to the day when our kid are running around together!

Here are a few pictures of her day! Can you see the joy overflowing from her? A true blushing bride to be! 
Heidi took their engagement pictures and than put one on a canvas for the almost newlyweds!
They made her some pretty sweet cards :-)
Teri has lots of ladies in her life now who love her lots!
Per request of Katie a silly picture had to be taken ;)

If you click on the link below you will the video Heidi made of the shower pictures she took! What a fun morning!   Teri's Shower

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  1. i am just now catching up on your blogs!! you are too sweet :) love that you stated my colors just how i try to describe them...pale, pale pink. and white haha.