Saturday, April 9, 2011

Travel Day

I don't know about you but the actual day of travel itself makes me tired. Maybe it's the plane ride. Whether I am in a car, boat, place, you name it and I will fall asleep. We left for Seattle early in the morning, made a quick stop in Oakland, and finally landed in our destination. After taking the shuttle to the rental car pick-up we ran into a disaster. Well,not totally. It ended up being a blessing in disguise. But at the time we were both pissed at Advantage and after saying," Forget it. We don't want your car or service." we were driven back to the airport and dropped off. We looked at each other, laughed and said," Shoot. What now?" We hailed our first taxi and headed to our hotel. ( I have never been in a taxi before and was a little too thrilled with the ride. I really wanted to wave my arm or whistle to call one over but didn't get the chance. lol) 

We booked our hotel through priceline, getting a steal, but that meant we had no idea really where it was. We lucked out because it was in the perfect location. Located on the corner of Pike St. and 6th Ave, we soon learned we were in the middle of everything. This helped our decision to forget getting a car at all and instead, walk everywhere. There was a Nike town across the street making my husband one happy guy. 

Our hunger set in and we headed out to find food. After eating, we walked around the downtown and realized right away we were going to love this city. That night we set out to find this cute Italian restaurant, Panevino, that we had a Groupon for. It ended up being a good mile and a half walk but it took us to a part of the city we probably would not have seen if we hadn't of made the trip. Since we had to "earn" our food we were starved. I'm pretty sure we devoured 4 baskets of bread before dinner came. Sick, I know. 

After dinner, we attempted to find the bus we needed to head over to Chopstix, a dueling piano bar. For some reason we love these. Trav always requests the Eagles and I always request Journey. The one in New York, New York in Vegas is the best. ( Recommend it!) They are usually a fun atmosphere. Not like your traditional "bar". People stop in just to sit and listen to them play/sing some of the greatest hits. But, did we find it that night? Nope. Couldn't find where bus 13 picked up so we gave up and headed back to watch tv.
( once again, House Hunters and Cake Boss ;)

While it started off rocky with our rental car it ended being a great day. And due to the cost of public parking everywhere and the one way streets, I am so glad we decided to pass on the car and just walk or use the bus. Total God-thing!

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