Saturday, February 26, 2011

Miss Zoey

My sister Kristel was in town this past week and she brought along her youngest, Zoey Adair. Not only is Zoey my niece but also Trav's and my goddaughter. I am privileged and blessed to have Tessa as well as Zoey as my goddaughters and I'm learning more each day with what that role is all about.

I had asked Kris if we could steal Zoey for the morning and of course, she asked where we were going. I told her, " Out and about. We will get her breakfast too." Little did she know our plan was to head on over to Heidi's house for a mini photo shoot. If you haven't seen Heidi's photography work you are missing out because she is amazing and catches all of these little moments that just aren't possible on your average camera with your average person.

Heidi and Dan are an awesome team when it comes to this. Dan had Zoey laughing straight from her gut. 
( Trav and I too) Huddy is quite the pro at picture sessions now and he was too cute trying to help Zoey change outfits, put her headband on, and reassuring her that it would soon be over by patting her on the shoulder while saying, " It's ok Baby Zoey. It's ok." So sweet.
Zoey was perfect while getting her picture taken. She really is a ham and Heidi caught all of her silly facial expressions. They would place her somewhere and she would stand perfectly still, not moving an inch.

The pictures captured are amazing. I'm not sure how to post the video directly on this post but if you click here, it will take you to the site. 

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Quick Dessert : Rocky Road Brownies

Have I mentioned I love quick and easy desserts? Don't get me wrong, labor of love is definitely a part of my love language but sometimes it's nice to just grab items from the cupboard and throw them together last minute for a delicious treat.

I made Rocky Road Brownies in the fall and I had completely forgotten about them until this week. On Monday I was sitting here, bored, when I decided to bake. Little did I know this would be a delicious little treat.....and I would hands own devour half the pan myself! Yikes!

If you are ever in a jam or need a quick treat, give them a try!

Rocky Road Brownies

box brownie mix with syrup
mini marshmellows
bag of semi sweet chocolate chips
1/4 c water
1/3 c oil
2 eggs (beaten)
handfuls of dry roasted peanuts

Preheat oven to 350. Grease a 9x13 pan. Mix together the brownie mix, water, eggs, and oil. Add in some chocolate chips. Bake for 25-30 min, just keeping an eye on them. Take the brownies our an cover with as many marshmellows as desired, the rest of the chocolate chips, and a handful or two of peanuts. Throw it back in the oven with a cookie sheet covering for about 3-4 minutes. Remove the pan and let them cool. 

They are really good with cool whip on top.....but what isn't, right?!?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Thank You Daisy Mountain Station!

Last week I arrived in Arizona on Tuesday. I met up with my parents for lunch and than my mom headed back to work. While I was in the shower my dad got a call to pick my mom up at the hospital because she had gone with a student in an ambulance. Later we found out that a 2 ( or was he 3?) year old had had a seizure while in the classroom. Thankfully, my mom has assisted through many seizures so she knew just how to intervene. She did say after she had never seen one last so long and seen someone so blue from lack of oxygen.

The preschool wanted to say thanks to the firemen and paramedics who took care of the little guy. The 4 year old class made the cutest cards. Pictures hand drawn and messages saying," Thanks for saving Nicholis" were done all in 4 year old handwriting. Precious. My mom asked my sister and I to make oreo pops to take to the station with the cards. We figured when we dropped them off they would let Zoey see the truck ( ok, us too!) and maybe there would be a handsome one who my sister could meet. ;) Well, when we shower up they were pulling out on the truck. All of them. WE rang the door bell and stood there like dumb blondes for awhile before we noticed we were by the sign that said," Safe haven. Safe place for babies." Time to go. They ended up being out at training all day. Bummer! My dad ended up taking them on the day that the entire station was there. Zoey girl, we will find you another time to play on the truck!

Valentine's Scrooge..sort of

I know this is awful but I really despise Valentine's Day. Go ahead, I know what you are thinking but I promise I don't have this cold, hard heart. I love my hubby, I love my family, I love my Jesus, I love my friends, and I love love. I know there is more to Valentine's than romantic dinners, mush & gush and that we should focus on just loving others the way God loves us but it's what society makes this day out to be that I don't like. 

I really do think it's lame you take one day out of the year and put so much pressure on it. I wouldn't want Trav to spend so much money on roses or gifts just because it's Feb. 14. And, why wait in line for dinner for hours when you could go the next day and walk right in to be seated. I think it's a holiday that makes alot of people feel alone. So, I am embracing that I am  the Vday Scrooge :)

Thankfully my husband loves me despite all of that. He does like Valentine's Day and all day I receive texts such as, " How is my valentine? I love you valentine". But over the past 7 years he has seen that he gets away easy on this day because roses are not my favorite flower, diamonds are not my best friend, and I really don't like anything chocolate. The past few years we have been married we stayed in and cooked a nice dinner together than curled up and watched a red box. That is perfect to me. This year our situation is different and Trav thought we should go out.....much to my dismay. We went to Olive Garden our first Vday together so he thought we should relive our youthful days of dating. I tried my best to put my foot down but since I was not driving I had no say. We arrived at the OG to find 100 people in line. We made a deal: if the line was under an hour we would stay but over an hour we would leave. I knew it was over but Trav was optimistic it wasn't. The wait was: 1 hr 20 min. Whew! I was relieved because everyone was sitting in pairs of two outside snuggled up and smooching. Really?

We got in the car and I asked if we could go to Buffalo Wild Wings to stuff our faces with boneless wings and queso fries while watching the Clipper game. He stared at me like I was crazy. His reply was" That is so not Valentines, Em" Exactly. But to me, it sounded like the best evening. Trav was all for it but felt bad that he was taking me to BWW instead of some place night but I quickly assured him I would be more comfortable there than anywhere else. And it was perfect. We ordered honey BBQ and jammin jalepeno wings after we had devoured our queso fries. We sat and talked for a long time about what's next in life while watching the games.

I know when we have kids my view of this day will change. Already we celebrate it with our nieces and nephews because it's fun and kids love it. But I still think it's a silly, marked up, Hallmark holiday. In fact, while Trav and I were talking in the car lame old me started crying ( not bawling, just tears flowing) about how it's not fair how it makes people feel alone for a whole day. Sweet Trav just hugged me but inside I know he was thinking, " I have a crazy, emotional, basket case wife!" 

I'm glad this holiday is over and I am excited that we have Easter to look forward too! Easter is one of my favorite holidays as we celebrate our Savior's resurrection while enjoying time with family. And, you can't forget the egg hunt!

So long Valentine's Day. We will see you in a year!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Heart to Heart Bunco

Last week it was my turn to host Bunco and what do you know, it was the Valentine's Bunco!  While it took me a bit to get into the feel for all the hearts, there were some fun treats to do for the night.  Diet Coke cupcakes were soundly delicious and I couldn't pass up a chance to make oreo pops =) The best part of the night was playing with all my sister in laws! We had never done that before but since subs were needed it worked out. What a fun night! And full of winnings!

Monday, February 7, 2011

What is a Trader?

During our small group yesterday, a friend showed us this video and I think I have watched it 7 times since than. I imagine I will continue to watch it over and over because I am still fully grasping it.
Trav and I are learning & growing in ways we couldn't even imagine right now. One of the biggest challenges is being content in all aspects of our lives. I love how this video talks about the "hijacked version of the American dream."
To say this video is convicting is an understatement. I had to share it....hope you all like it as much as we did!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Everything I Need

I was silly. I was unrealistic. I worked it up in my mind a little too much. I was not thinking about God's timing. I'm working on not being disappointed. I'm working on being patient. I'm working on letting go of the whole timing thing.

I threw myself a pretty nice pity party this morning. Partly because it's about to be that "time of month", partly because I just needed a good, solid cry, and partly because I built what this would be like up in my mind for 2 years only to have it be different. The end of nursing school wasn't supposed to be like this.

For 2 years we have talked and prayed about the end of nursing school. It would finally mean our life can move ahead again. For two years we have waited and taken steps back while everyone around us took steps forward. But it was ok. It was hard but it was ok because there was this light at the end of the tunnel, January 30, then end of school. 

I made a huge mistake. I had this unrealistic, almost fairytale like, picture of how this would be. I would finish school, we would find a place to live, we would get a puppy, I would get a job, and within a few months we would be expecting our first child. Was I crazy? Maybe it was all the diet dr. pepper! Coming back to the real world, as you can imagine, nothing has unfolded like that. In fact, nothing has changed. Which is normal. But not in my crazy, fantasy world mind.

Instead, we are finding ourselves being hit left and right with unexpected bills yet there is no second income coming in yet. I have been rejected from 9 new graduate programs here, in Colorado, and in Texas. ( Now, a part of that is because I haven't even taken my state boards and these days a hospital could give less about you if you are not official. Also, I don't have my BSN.) But getting those rejection emails still blows regardless. We are no closer to having a place to live of our own again, owning a pup, and let alone even think of a baby.I've been frustrated. A little mad. Very disappointed. I've ignored the encouraging words from my family and Trav, letting them disappear out the other ear without every digesting them. Trav sends me frequent texts or whispers to me when I'm falling asleep at night, " Our time will come. Just trust, Emma. We will be blessed, we are blessed, we just have to wait." I couldn't ask for a sweeter and more encouraging husband yet as he is reminding me this in my mind I'm saying, " You want me to be patient longer? Wait longer? Why can't we be blessed now the way I want to be blessed? Let's just make our own plan."

And than the Fish plays a song, one I have heard so many times but never really paid attention to, and I find myself convicted right than and there as I have been many times before. We are more blessed than we could even imagine. We have life pretty good all because of Jesus. That's all, and I mean all, that matters. We don't need more money, we don't need our own place to live, we don't need to have the best job, and we don't need all the stuff. But we do need a life filled with Jesus. We need His love, His grace, and His intervention. All of the things I was worried about or wanted to fall into place are just things to fill our life with.

It's going to be a challenge to let it all go, but from here on out there is nothing Trav or I need except for Jesus, filling us completely in every aspect of our lives. And when it is finally our timing, it's going to be better than great because we have waited, trusted, and let go. Wherever we live next whether it be a house, apartment, or a cardboard box I will cherish it that much more because of this waiting time in our lives right now. When the Lord decides to bless us with a puppy or a baby I will cherish every moment a hundred times more. When I am given a nursing position I will work that much harder, be that much more compassionate, and that much more thankful. When Trav is finally promoted we will be that much more grateful for the new hours and the new salary.

It's so comforting to know we are not in this alone. And I'm excited to wait and see the Lord's plan unfold.

Favorite AZ Moments

( I wanted to post this awhile ago but never got around to finishing it with school. So, this is all it will be ;) )

The week I spent in AZ was one for the books. I want to be able to remember it all, even the little things, so I figured I should write them all down on here to help me out! It is very rare that my entire family is all together, every last one of us, so I really soaked up my time with them at Christmas. Here are some of my favorite moments =)

* The drive. I love adventures with Trav and this all night drive was added to our list. I would do it all again minus the Red Bull's affect on my GI system. But I want to remember the excitement I felt all throughout the drive and the way Trav looked when he slept, either curled up on the window or reclined back with his mouth hanging open. ;)

* Waking up on Christmas morning. having kids around on Christmas makes me feel like a kid again myself! Trav and I slept on a pull out couch downstairs and I woke up from my 30 min nap to hear 9 munchkins up stairs, talking excitedly. I ran up to give them all a hug to be greeted with shouts of "Aunt Emma! Aunt Emma is here!" and than I should have braced myself for the stampede headed towards me but I let myself be tackled by my lil ones who aren't so little anymore!

* Santa. My mom and how she still keeps Christmas magic alive, even when we are older. I was headed in to grab some coffee to jump start the long day ahead but I remembered that I had left the piece of bread to keep my dad's cooking moist in the tin by his stocking. As i was walking over there my mom stopped me to say, " Emma, you can't go in there yet. What if Santa came?" Oh mom, I love you for these little things and one day I will thank you for making Christmas magical for my kids.

* My dad's face opening his Lebkuchen. My grandma used to always make these German spiced cookies for him at Christmastime. My sisters all remember eating them but I never knew my Grandma Kahler so I thought I would bring back her Christmas tradition. It's a week long process to make these and you don't even know if they will work at the end. Making the dough was hard without a Kitchenaid but I found joy in taking the time to make them, thinking about the memories it would bring back to my dad and how it would feel as if my Grandma was there. I prayed all week that they would be soft by the time we went to AZ. Seems silly to pray for cookies, I know. I left them in a tin with a note by his stocking and patiently ( well not so much) waited for him to open them. He read the note and looked confused, unsure of what the tin held. When he opened the tin this smile lit up on his face and he took a big smell of the spices. I knew right than all of his past Christmases with his mom were flooding through his memory and it made me want to cry. He gave me a look I will never forget and I couldn't wipe the grin off my face. I'm excited to begin carrying on her tradition.

* Togetherness. I found myself stepping back during all the commotion to take in my family together. To watch the surprised faces and hear the squeals from the kids, to see my parents grinning from ear to ear, watching my sisters chat away while ooing and ahhing over the kid's gift, and seeing my patient husband go back and forth between all of the kids excitedly helping them out. Family is special and I hold moments like this one dear to my heart.

* Maddie and Lexi opening their gift. These sweet nine year olds are at a tough age. They aren't teens but they aren't kids. They are conservative, sweet, and gentle. They still play with toys but they are growing out of them. We were stumped on what to give them for Christmas.They both wanted American girl dolls. Maddie wanted Felicity and Lexi wanted a look-a-like. Lyndsay's friend went to an estate sale where they has a brand new, never played with Felicity doll for half price. How could we not? I didn't even have to complete my sentence when asking Trav before he said yes. We found Lexi her look-a-like doll and I was giddy with excitement and anticipation for them to open the dolls on Christmas morning. They noticed the not so hidden doll boxes right away but didn't say anything. We took breaks throughout the morning for the kids to get snacks and the adults to catch our breath, so the girls would creep over standing right next to them and stare. Poor Trav asked Maddie if she had opened our gift yet and after she said no, he said," Oh, well I really hope they fit!" and walked away. I think I was just as excited for them to open the dolls as I knew they would be. Ryan saved them till the end and I had to keep from laughing at their faces when the packages were put in front of them. Immediate squeals were heard and I will never forget the smiles that lit up their faces. Lexi squeezed me so tight I thought I would suffocate and she whispered in my ear, " I can't believe it. Thank you , thank you, thank you!" Have I mentioned what a joy it is to be an aunt?!? There is nothing better than doing things and making some wishes come true for our dozen!

* Sassy Savi! One night we were watching a movie and she made a funny face at me and than shrugged her shoulders tossing her hands up in the air. She looked away and when she looked back I returned the face and gesture to her. Her response? She gave me this look and rolled her eyes! What?! How has my 4 year old niece mastered the "Kahler roll"?!?

* My boyfriend. A few months back Parker had declared that I was his girlfriend. He still thinks this is true. Kristel tried to tell him that Aunt Emma was taken by Uncle Trav already but Park thinks he still stands a chance. We were talking about Hudson's girlfriends one day and Sam piped in, "Yea but Parker said last night that Emma was his!" Ok Parkdog.....I'll be your girlfriend because you will need to be 30 before I consider approving a girl to be good enough to date you! :-)

* Babysitting. I haven't babysat in a very long time and I will admit I miss it! I miss planning things to do, making things with kids, and doing the bedtime routines. When I heard that my siblings were headed out on a date night I of course asked what the kids were doing. When I heard two teenagers had been hired to watch them I put my foot down and decided to stay in Gilbert another night. How could I not spend a whole night with just all the kids?!? Sounded like the perfect evening to me...and it was! Maddie and Lexi were "too big" to play outside with the little ones so they sat in the barstools chatting away with me while I made dinner. They helped by setting the table and getting drinks together all while the smaller ones played outback on the play set. I stood there at the stove and thought, " This is heaven. This is my dream. A house filled with children running around, playing , laughing and loving life while I prepare their meal." And man, do I want that so bad one day! We ast down for dinner and Mr. Samdog thought he would test to see what he could get away with. Before I knew it I had a table filled with tooters, burpers, and potty mouthed kids. I do try to be the cool aunt but I do have to draw the line somewhere, right? So, I gave them a whole minute to say or do whatever potty related they wanted to and after that there would be none. For the next minute I joined one noisy group who were burping, tooting, and thinking of every thing to say that involved "poop". After, Sam questioned what he needed to do if he had to toot. I told him to go into the other room so no one heard or smelled it! He than challenged me further by asking what would happen if he did it at the table. My reply: "No ice cream sundaes." His reply: " But it's you Emma. You're too nice to do that" Darnet, Sammy you caught me. Thankfully no one did so I didn't have to go against what I said! After dinner they all lined up with their bowls in age order for their sundaes. Again, I took a mental picture of what life might be like in 8 years and I was loving the way it could look! We watched a movie and they were given glow sticks for their sleepovers. What a perfect, perfect night!

* Snuggling. I love to snuggle the kids. It's going to break my heart when they are too old and too cool to snuggle their aunt. While watching a movie one night Tessa and Hud snuggled up on my lap. I held on to them a little tighter because they are getting older too fast and I want to cherish moments like those!

*Sister time. We decided that for Christmas this year we would do a mini-vacation all together! A night was booked at the resort and we were all excited! Ryan had spoiled us by treating us to pedicures at the resort. I don't think the two ladies knew what was coming when they called us back. Chatty Kathies when you get the four of us a glass of Riesling for each! It was the most wonderful pedicure ever...and the funnest. I was crying from laughing so hard with them. We also found out that the Iowa Hawk Eye football team was staying at the hotel for the bowl game. Since Kris was born there it just seemed fitting that she would need to meet the team. We chickened out when we had the chance though. After our pedis we ventured over to Last Chance and hit the bargains! What deals we all found! After that was dinner at a mexican restaurant down the street and than a night filled with Lifetime movies....our guilty pleasure when we are all together. We sure our suckers for those movies! The next morning we went to Arizona Mills for some more shopping deals at the Nike Outlet, VS Semiannual sale, and more. It was the best 24 hours and the best Christmas present to have the 4 of us together. There is just nothing like having sisters!

* Slumber party at my parents. We all headed to Anthem for a sleepover at Mimi and Papa's house. My mom cooked dinner, the kids played, and it was great. My dad took us to their favorite yogurt place for dessert and treated us to a delicious treat! He was sweet with each of the kids, walking them one by one to fill their cups and choose their toppings. You could just see the look of pure joy on his face and the proud grandpa/dad he was! Afterwards we put on a movie for the kiddos. Maddie and Lexi were going to be allowed to stayed up late to watch "Night at the Museum" with us after. They felt pretty special to watch their first "big kid" movie! They were so cute giggling and laughing. We checked in on the younger ones to find that the boys room ( which also included miss Tessa) was pretty stinkin cute. Tessa had moved in her sleep so she was snuggled right up next to her big cousin. My sisters and I pulled out the sofa bed for our own slumber party. My dad will always be the same caring guy with his nightly routine. After running the dish washer, checking the door locks, and making sure everyone was settled, he came over to say goodnight to us and turn off the lights. It made it feel like it was finally their home.

*Waffles. What else made it feel like their home was waking up to the smell of my dad's homemade waffles! We were all outraged when we heard he had tossed his 30 year old waffle iron that was an icon in our family. My mom had bought him a new one for Christmas and I am so glad he tested it out while we were there! Nothing beats his waffles....or the delicious smell that wakes you up from a deep sleep with a growling tummy! Thank you Dad.....and please teach Trav your secret recipe! :-)

*High School Musical. I have been begging....and I mean BEGGING...Lyns and Lea to let Lexi and Maddie watch this with me for years. I understand the wait and I would have done the same with my girls but now they are on the verge of 5th grade so I thought I would try again. This time they said yes and we scheduled a girl movie night. I love how naive, innocent, and sweet these two are. They just love life, love their Jesus, and are growing into these beautiful young women. They giggled when they saw the basketball player's armpit hair. They giggled when Sharpay wore silly clothes and said crazy things. And they giggled when Troy and Gabriella flirted. At one point Troy ( Zac Efron) was singing on Gabriella's balcony. Lexi goes, " Mom, is it ok that I feel a little awkward right now?" :) Than later on Zac was sitting shirtless in the locker room for a pep talk and we hear Lexi go, " Uh oh, another one of those awkward moments again!" haha I love it. Could they be any sweeter. Needless to say we left them in their room giggling about "Troy" with their new saying of, "It's a bird, it's a's Super Trroooyyyyy!" Lyns and Lea probably want to bust me for giving them their first crush! :-)

*Role Models.  I've always looked up to my sisters. Having sisters who are 7/9/11 years older has been a blessing. Sometimes it's hard because they have always been in a different stage of life than me but I've learned to really appreciate that and be thankful for those years in between us. Having them all in the same place was wonderful. These ladies are my role models. They are strong, loving, passionate, caring, and Godly women who I strive to be like. I love watching them in "mom" mode and hope that I can be half as great of a mom as they are to their kids. ( I also try to make mental notes in my head of things they do as moms right now so when we have kids that age I can pull some of them out!). Hopefully we can get more sister trips going to the 4 of us can be together again!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

And it's....DONE!

I can't believe it. No, I really can't believe it. Nursing school is done. Finished. Gone for good. It felt like the longest journey while going through it but now that it is over it feels like it all happened in the blink of an eye. 

I will reflect on my final weeks of nursing school...

Our first exit exam was the dreaded comprehensive HESI. A HESI exam is death. I would rather have a lumbar puncture, colonoscopy, and be stuck with a needle 22 times, all while being conscious, than go through the feeling of this test. Sounds dramatic, I know. But I guess you just have to be in the situation to know how bad they really are. It's not your average standardized weekly test. It's not even like the SATs. It's a million times worse and there is so much pressure put on them I get sick to my stomach just writing about it! This particular exam was a mock state board. It was a test that will show the school if we know everything to be a safe ( and smart) nurse. It was 180 questions. And if you didn't pass there was a long list of remediations that had to take place before the school would consider you fit to graduate. Thankfully, I passed. But it was the longest test of my life and I'm pretty sure I will have heart failure at an early age due to what this school has done to me with these exams!

The next week was our last set of simulation exams. I was not as fearful for these as the first set but the unexpected is still a little frightening. We had great instructors grading us and my clinical group has become a family, so we all encouraged each other through it. On the first day I was lucky to have Brooke as my CNA during my scenario. She had been with me before on the previous set and we work well together. My patient had experienced a seizure in the scene before and for my turn she went into delirium from her medication. I did my assessment, called the doc, got the orders, and gave her IV push sedative all while this poor patient screamed at me, " The cops are coming for my kids! Kids! Why are there kids all over the place! Get me outta here! There are spiders on the wall! Kill them! Kill them!" I'm not sure how Brooke and I didn't bust up laughing! The best feeling was injecting her med and watching her slowly calm down and become re-oriented to her surroundings. Simulation accomplished! =)

I wish I could say the next day was as wonderful but it started off bad. On our very last day we were given the most brutal, the hardest, and just plain nastiest instructor who believes she owns simulation and all there is to it. We all did our best and pumped each other up despite wanting to either cry or kick something! During my scene I was charting and my patient began seizing. It's amazing what simulation does to me. I went into full blown nursing mode. The rest of the world faded away and that mannequin who was convulsing, drooling, and lifeless on the bed became a real person and it was up to me to ensure her safety, her airway, and her overall well being. Lillian was my CNA and she rocked it! We quick turned her to her side, suctioned her away, and got her hooked up to O2 in a matter of 20 seconds. It was pretty awesome. After a thorough neuro assessment, I called the doc, got new orders, and pushed another IV med to give her a slight sedative. Even though she was a dummy, even though my teacher didn't run in the room to hug me afterwards like Prof. Bosveld had done, it still felt good. 1. Because it was the last simulation for school that I would have to do. 2. Because I acted on instinct and I intervened in a way that helped and benefited my patient. It gave me a boost of confidence for if the situation presented itself to me in real life, I would just naturally bounce into action.

Finally, last week was our very last exit exam for Advanced Med-Surg. I should have started studying in December for this test. But Sunday rolled around and I was still finding excuses to not really sit down and hit the books. By Tuesday morning when it was test time, I was feeling a little apprehensive and thinking I maybe should have put more effort into it. This would be my last exam at WCU. If passed, school was done. That's it. Everything I had worked for since I was 20 years old all boiled down to this test. Holy freaking moly!

We were a reck waiting to walk in. We were a reck when assigned a computer. We were a reck when the screen popped up that said, "Begin now". There was a point at question 25 of 55 that I thought I was failing. I could feel myself getting choked up but than I gave myself the usual pep talk of, " I AM a good nurse. I AM smart. I DO KNOW my material" and than I kept going. People finished before me. I was sitting in the front row so I saw them all leave. Some had tears on their cheeks. Did they pass? Did they fail? Were those happy tears or sad tears? I clicked my last answer and waited for my score to pop up. I needed an 850 to pass. There is was. Right in front of me. A 964. Passed! That's it. School is done. I did it. Trav and I did it.  Done. As I was staring at my screen I realized it was getting blurry and than I felt the tears on my cheeks. Done. I can't even tell you that feeling. 

As I walked out wiping my eyes I caught my friend Marilyn's eye at her computer. She gave me the look of, " Did you?". I smiled and nodded than mouthed," You got this" before walking out. I was greeted by hugs from friends who were waiting. Emotions were high. People might think it's silly that we were crying but this program was tough. We all gave up an awful lot to get through it. We have all given up an awful lot over the years to get to this point. And now it was here. Done. Finished. Goodbye WCU....hello state boards!