Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sweat Away

While we were in Seattle my three sister in laws took on a new adventure: Hot Yoga. While being in a cold Seattle it sounded like fun. Than I got home yesterday and started having daymares about passing out or throwing up or something worse during it! What held me back was I know how my heart gets aggravated and once it goes, it doesn't stop but I still wanted to join in and give it a try. I'm so glad I did!

Yes, it's hot. But it feels good. Yes, you sweat. And I mean SWEAT. But that as well feels good. It's relaxing and you feel rejuvenated afterward. I had done regular yoga at 24 Hr before and it bored me to pieces. This was different and I found myself completely into it. There are some postures that I stepped back to watch people do and couldn't quite figure out how they got their bodies to twist and balance that way. I even would sneak a look at my sister in laws next to me, as they were bending backwards or holding themselves off the ground with their elbows and was amazed. One day I may be able to do that! 

While it may be gross, I love the feeling of sweating. To me when you sweat you know you've either had a great work out or you have just rid your body of anything unwanted. I met Trav for dinner afterwards last night ( a to go order of course because I couldn't even stand the way I was smelling!) and he was shocked to see the effect this yoga had. He wasn't the only one. The girl in front of us in line kept making a funny face and than tried ( but failed) to discretely turn around and see who was behind her. I wanted to say, " yes, it's me. I smell like a room full of sweaty people." but I just smiled and acted like I was covered in the best smelling roses.

I like that this particular type of yoga flushes out all the toxins from the body and at the same time increases the nourishment of each cell in each organ. It helps fight stress and certain diseases which is an added plus. I'm glad the three of them decided to take this on. It will be fun for all of us to do together and another excuse for all of us to see each other frequently! I highly recommend trying it out.

If Jennifer does it it has to be good, right?!


  1. I just found your posts... woo hoo for updating!!!! I love doing yoga with my sisters!!!!