Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Exploring We Go!

Our second day in Seattle we had decided to hit some of the main tourist sites. Trav slept in while I grabbed a coffee and read, "The Hunger Games." ( If you liked Twilight and those tweener books, I recommend this series!) There was a little crepe shop by our hotel that we stopped in for breakfast. Delicious to say the least! The monorail came through a shopping center close by, so we picked it up to head on over to the Space Needle.

The needle is one of those things you have to see, like the Statue of Liberty or Mount Rushmore. We were thankful for a clear day, although windy. We were unable to fully see Mt. Rainier but got a tiny glimpse. There was an option to buy a day pass where you could come back at night so we took off to explore, knowing we would be back soon.

Since we were on foot we set in the direction of the water and walked. Somehow we had to end up at Pike's Market if we followed the water line, right? Along the way we found some pretty cool statues and saw some sites that were off the map but very cool. And than, we made it! Except we made it from the back way which meant climbing up flight after flight of stairs! Winded to say the least!

The market gives you the feeling of being some place else entirely. While walking down the rows of produce and flowers I knew if this was near me I would be a frequent visitor for some fresh food! Trav's dream came true when he saw them throwing the fish. He was as excited as our nephews get when they see Buzz at Disneyland! Behind the market is a wall....a gum wall. Yes, an entire wall covered with the gum of those who pass by. Gross? Kinda. Cool? In a weird way. People were getting into it writing their names and making designs. 

Of course, we realized at this point we were famished and stumbled into Pike's Brewery to be filled with carnivore pizza and bratwurst with apple sauerkraut! Two happy Hardeman's left the restaurant ready to explore some more! We walked the market and the stores lining the street outside. The sun even peeked through, warming us up and giving a glow to the flowers that lined the rooftop. I wanted to get a coffee at the first Starbucks but the line was out the door. 

After a nap, some Cake Boss and Hunger Games we were ready for the best date night I have had. Unsure where to go for dinner we happen to walk past a restaurant called Pink. Of course, I wanted to go in just for the name but it looked way to swanky for us. Trav walked up and talked to the hostess to learn that they had the BEST happy hour deals we had seen. Literally, I still feel like we somehow stole all the food we ate. So we dined amidst pink lighting, pink menus, pink candles, and the Dodger game! 

The  monorail picked us up close by. As we were waiting to get on Trav let a family go in front of us. But they just kept going. The mom looked back, laughed and said, " Bet you didn't think you were letting this many people go first!" They were a family of We sat down, Trav looked at me and gave me the look of ," Don't even think about it." I laughed. Little did he know we would have another conversation in the weeks to follow about six children. ;)

Going to the needle at night was the perfect date. I would actually recommend it to any family going to head at sunset and stay till the stars are shown. We stood outside, watching the sun go down over the water and the lights of the city start pooping up all over. Than when it became too cold outside, we found a table by the window, grabbed a coffee, and took in the site. Perfect.

Afterwards, we walked through the Seattle Center and headed through the Queen Anne district on foot. These are the times I love having a 6'6 and very fit husband. ;) We were referred to a dueling piano bar, Chopstix. We stopped in for an hour or so because we had to request some Journey and Eagles. 

A fun day exploring that ended with one of the top dates we have had! 

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