Saturday, April 23, 2011

DIY Menu Organizing = Amazing!

While blog stalking fun things to make I stumbled across this super cute menu organizer. I love it! I've missed being able to plan out menus for the week. I blame my older sisters for certain things I do because I have grown up watching them and menu planning would be one. Their grocery shopping is much more organized than mine ( and they prob save more) because they know what they need for the entire week. This organizer is so cute because you can write down your shopping list, place your recipes in slots for the days they will be used, and store coupons. Now I need someone who can teach me to sew because as far as I have gotten are just buttons and simple stitching! 

Is it weird that things like this make me excited for the future, for one day being a mom with something like this hanging on my fridge?Ah, one day!

Click here to go see the site and DIY instructions!

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