Tuesday, September 14, 2010

We found Darth!

Last Saturday we took Hudson and Vander to Disneyland. It was our first time with both the boys...and being at Disneyland with Huddy. It was a ton of fun having them there together. Van has a new found love for Star Wars. I had told him about the Star Tours ride and how Darth Vador, the Jedis, and Storm Troopers were at Disneyland. I made the mistake of promising him they would be there. ( Note to self, never promise a 3 year old that a character will be some place because that is all they can think about and the characters aren't always there!)

Vander talked the entire ride to the park. He told us all about what we would do when we were there, who we would see, and what we would say to them. We headed straight for Buzz when we got inside, until Vander saw the Star Tours ride. He immediately lit up and declared we should ride it. One problem: They are fixing it and it won't open till 2011. Darnet. Way to go promising him, Aunt Emma! Trav and I decided to run up past the Buzz ride to the hamburger spot where they do the Jedi training. We were just in time! The show was about to start! I grabbed the boys and got great seats while Trav parked the stroller. Vander was so excited he could hardly sit still! The Jedi's came in and taught a few kids how to use light savers. Than, over the speakers we heard the breathing of non other but Darth Vador! The coolest thing was the stage grew and he came up out of the ground with Darth Maul. I'm pretty sure Vander's jaw dropped and his eyes popped out! The show ended up being really great and the storm troopers made an appearance. Afterwards, Van looked at me and said, " We found Darth!!" Such a joy seeing him so excited. Like a dream had been made real!

Buzz Lightyear and Small World were our next stops. Huddy was fascinated with Small World. He tried to find the "doggie" in each country we rode through. We had a great few hours at the happiest place on earth. It is so fun sharing Disneyland with kids! 

Is it bad I dream of one day having our own double stroller to push around?!?!

Huddy laughing with his Uncle Trav in line

Van man and Buzz! He is growing up too fast!

Loved seeing Hudson so excited at Dland!

Man, I love these 3 blondies!

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