Thursday, September 9, 2010

That Orange Lu Math!

I can't tell you how many times a week I hear those words come out of my husband's mouth! I am awful at math...there really is no denying it....but it still drives me nuts when Trav points it out! He always jokes that at Troy High everyone was a math scholar but that Orange Lu slacked on their math program since he claims he doesn't know a single person from there with decent math skills. ( I really have no argument for that since I really can't name anyone either!) I'm sure half of the time he asks me to calculate something in my head on the spot it really is just to see what bizarre number I can come up with for his own amusement. And, trust me, they are bizarre. My dad used to sit at the dining room table with me at night to help me with my homework. You see, I didn't get the math genes. He is a genius and passed those genes on to Lyns and Kris....Lea and I weren't so lucky. I feel bad looking back at those moments now because many were filled with tears or I got so ticked that I couldn't understand it, I would cop a huge attitude, throw in some sarcasm, and leave the room. Even after all of that he still offered to help me the next night!

Math was one of the reasons why I shyed away from being a nurse right out of high school. ( That and the fact that I have always despised science. Now look at's my world.) So when I was told that for every clinical we are in, there is a math test given that must be completed with a certain grade or higher to pass meds on the floor, I almost threw up. Even though I understand med math, I still second guess myself in the testing environment because of my lack of confidence in my math skills.

Needless to say, I have grasp ahold of the med math formulas and skills needed to be an RN. I will say, it feels like a huge accomplishment for me considering in high school I celebrated getting a C in Algebra II Trig! Those days are over! I have successfully passed all med math exams.....recent ones at 100%! What a fear faced! I no longer am nervous to calculate mg/kg/day or per dose. I no longer am afraid to whip out the information needed in my head in front of my instructor! It's amazing to see how much I have grown since just a year ago. This program moves fast and I sometimes feel behind the others since I never worked as an LVN.

The best part is, yesterday I called Trav after clinical. He asked how my math test went and I told him my grade, A+. He laughed and than asked, "Really?" After talking with him I called my dad who asked how clinical went and I gave him the good math news. What did he do? Laughed. Than asked, "Really? Wow." Ah, I will always have the reputation of having Orange Lu math. It's going to stick with me forever, I just know it! 

So, while "that Orange Lu math" was not the highlight of my high school years, I have a new found love for med math!

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