Thursday, September 16, 2010

Logan John is here!

On Sunday, September 12, our twelfth nephew was born!!! Heidi gave birth to Logan John Ploog and he is just about the cutest lil thing you have seen!
It was a fun day as we all anxiously waited to meet the new baby. Heidi checked into the hospital early so the boys headed over to the Hardeman's to hang out for the day. Van, Hud, and I played Star Wars all morning using the stairs as our space ship. We battled Darth, and the spikey guy, storm troopers, Zerg, and many more. I will say being Princess Leia is fun! The jacuzzi was heated up and it was swim time! Huddy thought it was hilarious to throw his toys into the big pool....or should I say, the FREEZING I would have to go in and retrieve them! Good thing I hadn't shaved my legs yet! ;) Vander is a fish and was quite content swimming around. Huddy is still a little unsure of the water. At one point he was standing on the step and took a face plant in the water. Don't worry, I was sitting right there so he was fine but his eyes became saucers and than he spent the rest of the time on the edge just scooping the water! We had a delish lunch of mac'n'cheese with hot dogs....I still love kid food! The boys went down for their naps, excited that "their baby" would be here when they woke up!

Katie came over and we ate lunch, waiting for the call that he was here. The text finally came! Logan John was here and healthy! Praise the Lord for a safe and quick delivery for Heid and Logan! When the boys got up we showed them pictures of their new bro and headed over to the hospital! It was the best experience watching them meet Logan. Vander is so sweet and caring. He immediately hugged and kissed his new little brother....and than found the suckers! Huddy approached the baby differently....with a noogie! Than he managed to find himself two suckers to the same time! I feel pretty blessed to be a part of the Hardeman clan and an auntie to these three, incredible boys. Sharing in the joy that day will be a memory I will always have!

Trav and I headed back to the hospital with Trent & Teri later that evening so they could all meet Logan. I love seeing Trav hold a newborn! Although he gets a little nervous before, he really does get excited about it.  There is something so sweet about seeing a tiny, little infant in his arms!

Logan John is just about the cutest thing! We just love him so much already and I have been having a hard time getting anything done because I just want to go over there to snuggle him! Trav and I are SO thankful for our dozen of healthy & perfect blessings! 

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  1. Thanks for having my boys looking so cute when you brought them to the hospital and for taking such good care of them this last week :) They sure love their auntie em and ravis:)