Saturday, September 11, 2010

Always in our Hearts

9/11 will never be forgotten by anyone who lived on that day just 9 years ago. We will never forget the way we felt as we watched the day unfold on the tv. We will never forgot the faces that spread across the newspapers and tvs. We will never forget the way our heart ached for those that lost loved ones and for those who experienced it all first hand. We will never forget the firefighters, policemen, and civilians who put their life on the line that day. We will never forget the men and woman who joined in our country's armed forces to protect each of us, to protect our freedom, our safety, and our country from something like this ever happening again.

I will never forget watching the news and seeing the 2nd plane hit when I woke up. I will never forget standing with my parents in the kitchen, praying for those that had already lost their lives and for what the day would entail. I will never forget sitting in AP World History and watching the tower fall to the ground. I remember the silence that filled the hallways and classrooms. I remember my economics teacher rushing to leave school since his sister worked in the Twin Towers. I remember my mom saying, " You are experiencing history. You will never forget today."

And we won't. Not one of us. It will always be on our hearts. We will always take Sept. 11 of every year and remember. Travel back to that day. See how we can continue to move forward as "one nation, under God."

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