Sunday, September 5, 2010

A little place called "Aspen"

On the morning of my 25th birthday, Trav told me I needed to sign onto Facebook. I didn't want to. I was studying for a test I was about to take and I really didn't care who had posted on my FB wall. He insisted! Reluctantly I did. This was what I found, Dumb and Dumber 

No, we aren't actually going to Aspen but we are going to Colorado!!! The first weekend in October we will venture to the mile high city and see the sites. I'm really excited because my roommate from Azusa, Christie, lives there so we will get to see her, be shown the inside "hot spots" of Denver, and maybe even head to the lake. I lived in Littleton, CO when I was just a wee thing. We moved there when I was a baby and moved back to Cali when I was three. I do have vague memories from there. I can remember the most random things such as having awful stomach flu and my mom taking away my security blanket to wash it or peeing my pants in the Denver Zoo. Hmmm, actually those are probably memories I should have forgotten. Oh well. Trav has never been to Colorado and we are super excited to be tourists for a weekend. Last spring Trav went through a series of interviews for a promotion at Target. At one session he met with the regional Target managers. The one who has Colorado in his territory immediately took to Trav, letting him know he would always have a job at one of his stores there. Ever since than, Trav has been fascinated with just visiting the state. We love to travel and will never have the money to go out of the country. So, we are excited to see what our country has to offer, to teach us, and for us to experience. We have a long list of places we want to go and what we want to see. It is really fun planning trips together! And, I will say, we are excited to experience a real season of fall!

Here are a few of our must sees on the trip!
The Denver Art Museum is free the first Saturday of every month. We may have to take advantage of the free visit!

I saw this on Bakerella and decided we had to stop! My friend Caitlin, who lived in Denver for college and work, said she used to always come for cupcakes on her breaks. She also said they were the best she has had! Done. We will be there!

The ever famous, Molly Brown, has a historical home in this beautiful city! I loved how she was portrayed in the movie Titanic, I love reading about her, and I know I will love how they have preserved her home!

Yes, we will revisit the same zoo I peed my pants at while eating an ice cream cone. However, this visit will have different memories!!!

CHRISTIE!!! My beautiful roomie who I haven't seen in a year! So excited to catch up and double date with her & Brandon!

Another referral from Caitlin to visit a dualing piano bar. The one at New York, New York in Vegas is a favorite. We are excited to try this one out and hear the talent! Any suggestions for song requests we can give?!? 

The Denver Mint. Trav has never been to a mint...actually, to be honest, he didn't know what one was. But after learning about it, it was a definite add to our list! The last one I went to was in Philadelphia and it was really cool to see! What kind of coin should we have made at the end? 

If you have any suggestions of where we should go or what we should see, let us know!!!

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