Monday, September 6, 2010

Arizona Part 1

During my week off from school, we headed out to Arizona to visit the family I have there. I finished my last OB clinical and than we packed the car for our 5 hour drive. We made great time....Trav even let me doze for a leg of the trip since I was living off of no sleep that week! We of course made our regular candy stop in Blythe for a lil sugar high to push us to our destination!

We arrived at my sister Kristel's new house. Her kids were waiting outside on the driveway, jumping up and down for us as we pulled in! We immediately scooped them all up in big hugs....and than rushed inside because a monsoon was coming! The grand tour was given of the house and we both fell in love. It's a great layout. It literally feels like the home was picked up from the midwest and placed on this lot in Arizona. Parker and Kody baked us cookies. They insisted that they live them in our room for us to eat. So cute. What great hosts already! I braved what I new was coming and did bath time with all three monkeys. ( I always end up with more water on ME than THEM!) They were too cute for words! Oh how I miss giving baths!!! I loved playing with the toys and than scooping them out after, wrapping into burritos, and putting pjs on! It was a treat to do bathtime....pretty soon non of them will be taking "baths" anymore. Zoey attached herself to Trav. Literally. She wouldn't let Kris or myself take her. And, at one point, I couldn't find her so I peaked into her room and there they were, having a tea party as if no one else existed. Precious! He really is great with girls....uh oh.

Kristel and I stayed up baking and chatting. The next morning would be Zoey's baptism and afterwards a brunch at the house. It was fun cooking together and catching up. The baptism was at the 8am church service the next morning. Before leaving for church, my parents arrived! I do feel a little bad because I went to hug my dog first before my parents! Millie remembered me! My mom said as soon as they got out of the car she picked up my scent and went nuts! Oh how I have missed my sweet golden! I hugged my parents and we headed off to church!

Lyns, Ryan, and their girls met us for the service! I was shocked at how much the girls had grown since I last saw them. Lexi is just getting so old! I'm not ready for her to be a "tween". Tessa chopped her hair off into this little bob and is just as cute as a button! All of the kids did excellant in church. We were pretty amazed. Trav and sat in the back row with all five of them coloring, eating fruit snacks, and finding verses in the Bible. We headed up front for the actual baptism. Travis and I are Zoey's godparents, so we got to hold her ( rephrase, I held her) during the baptism. She did great. Until the pastor leaned forward to place the sign of the cross on her forhead. She shook her head no and than buried it in mine! Hmmm, what could happen next? Alot of things could have but she still did great for being aware of what was going on. He needed to put the water on her head and I was supposed to lean her over the basin. But she had a death grip on my arms, her head was buried in my chest, so I went down with her! Zoey Adair is now baptized and a beautiful child in the Lord's family!

Brunch was a blast with everyone! We made our Christmas breakfast quiche, bacon, fruit salad, sweet rolls, and more. And for an extra treat, Lyns brought the necessities for mimosas! We sat the kids at the kids table and we all caught up at the "grown up" table. After wards, it was time to swim! Between Trav, Ryan, and I we were constantly throwing someone, had a lil one standing on our shoulders, or taking a lap around the pool with someone on our back. We had a blast! We were tired...and sore...that night though! When we left to go to my parents, Parker and Kody declared they were going to. We thought they were just messing around until Kody went and packed his backpack with clothes! So cute! I wish we could have taken them with us!

Here are a few pictures from the first leg of our trip! To be continued......

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