Thursday, September 2, 2010

A New Term!

It has arrived! The beginning of a term term. Another 9 weeks crammed with reading, clinicals, projects, new fears, papers, careplans, no sleep, too much coffee, and of course, stress. It also means that I only have 18 more weeks of nursing school left!!! Woo!!!  Here is an overview of what this term holds:

Mental Health Lecture and Clinicals: Am I excited about this? Not at all. You either like mental health or you don't I don't. I'm all about chatting with people about their feelings but Psych units are just not my thing. I am VERY anxious about this class and I really hope it flies by. And to top it off my Wednesdays now consist of class and clinical from 8am till 11pm. A full day of psych. Yikes!

Pediatric Lecture and Clinicals: Excited isn't even the word to use for this because it is so much more! I cannot wait to learn about pediatrics and than head to the clinical setting to care for them. I adore kids. I want to make them smile in this unfamiliar and uncomfortable setting. I want to let them know that hospitals aren't a scaring place but a safe place. I want to love them, befriend them. and take away their fears. I cannot wait!

Leadership lecture:  I honestly have no clue what to expect from this class. I know I will be learning about delegation, as a RN needs to learn safe practices for delegating tasks. It should be interesting though because being a leader is not my strong point so I hope to really grow from this course.

It is going to be a hard 9 weeks. 7 weeks only of class and lecture followed by two weeks of testing. If you don't see or hear from me, you know why. I am already overwhelmed by the amount of workload, assignments, and time that is needed for this term. But, it will take me one step closer to my dream so I can't complain!

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