Saturday, February 26, 2011

Miss Zoey

My sister Kristel was in town this past week and she brought along her youngest, Zoey Adair. Not only is Zoey my niece but also Trav's and my goddaughter. I am privileged and blessed to have Tessa as well as Zoey as my goddaughters and I'm learning more each day with what that role is all about.

I had asked Kris if we could steal Zoey for the morning and of course, she asked where we were going. I told her, " Out and about. We will get her breakfast too." Little did she know our plan was to head on over to Heidi's house for a mini photo shoot. If you haven't seen Heidi's photography work you are missing out because she is amazing and catches all of these little moments that just aren't possible on your average camera with your average person.

Heidi and Dan are an awesome team when it comes to this. Dan had Zoey laughing straight from her gut. 
( Trav and I too) Huddy is quite the pro at picture sessions now and he was too cute trying to help Zoey change outfits, put her headband on, and reassuring her that it would soon be over by patting her on the shoulder while saying, " It's ok Baby Zoey. It's ok." So sweet.
Zoey was perfect while getting her picture taken. She really is a ham and Heidi caught all of her silly facial expressions. They would place her somewhere and she would stand perfectly still, not moving an inch.

The pictures captured are amazing. I'm not sure how to post the video directly on this post but if you click here, it will take you to the site. 


  1. Oh my goodness...her pictures are ADORABLE! Such a good idea. She should be a little baby model! Heidi does it again! = )

  2. Dan's comment was the best "does she walk?" haha that was pretty amazing that a two year old would stay exactly where we put her and just let us take pictures! Loved all the faces she made!!