Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine's Scrooge..sort of

I know this is awful but I really despise Valentine's Day. Go ahead, I know what you are thinking but I promise I don't have this cold, hard heart. I love my hubby, I love my family, I love my Jesus, I love my friends, and I love love. I know there is more to Valentine's than romantic dinners, mush & gush and that we should focus on just loving others the way God loves us but it's what society makes this day out to be that I don't like. 

I really do think it's lame you take one day out of the year and put so much pressure on it. I wouldn't want Trav to spend so much money on roses or gifts just because it's Feb. 14. And, why wait in line for dinner for hours when you could go the next day and walk right in to be seated. I think it's a holiday that makes alot of people feel alone. So, I am embracing that I am  the Vday Scrooge :)

Thankfully my husband loves me despite all of that. He does like Valentine's Day and all day I receive texts such as, " How is my valentine? I love you valentine". But over the past 7 years he has seen that he gets away easy on this day because roses are not my favorite flower, diamonds are not my best friend, and I really don't like anything chocolate. The past few years we have been married we stayed in and cooked a nice dinner together than curled up and watched a red box. That is perfect to me. This year our situation is different and Trav thought we should go out.....much to my dismay. We went to Olive Garden our first Vday together so he thought we should relive our youthful days of dating. I tried my best to put my foot down but since I was not driving I had no say. We arrived at the OG to find 100 people in line. We made a deal: if the line was under an hour we would stay but over an hour we would leave. I knew it was over but Trav was optimistic it wasn't. The wait was: 1 hr 20 min. Whew! I was relieved because everyone was sitting in pairs of two outside snuggled up and smooching. Really?

We got in the car and I asked if we could go to Buffalo Wild Wings to stuff our faces with boneless wings and queso fries while watching the Clipper game. He stared at me like I was crazy. His reply was" That is so not Valentines, Em" Exactly. But to me, it sounded like the best evening. Trav was all for it but felt bad that he was taking me to BWW instead of some place night but I quickly assured him I would be more comfortable there than anywhere else. And it was perfect. We ordered honey BBQ and jammin jalepeno wings after we had devoured our queso fries. We sat and talked for a long time about what's next in life while watching the games.

I know when we have kids my view of this day will change. Already we celebrate it with our nieces and nephews because it's fun and kids love it. But I still think it's a silly, marked up, Hallmark holiday. In fact, while Trav and I were talking in the car lame old me started crying ( not bawling, just tears flowing) about how it's not fair how it makes people feel alone for a whole day. Sweet Trav just hugged me but inside I know he was thinking, " I have a crazy, emotional, basket case wife!" 

I'm glad this holiday is over and I am excited that we have Easter to look forward too! Easter is one of my favorite holidays as we celebrate our Savior's resurrection while enjoying time with family. And, you can't forget the egg hunt!

So long Valentine's Day. We will see you in a year!

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