Monday, March 14, 2011

We plan on being Sleepless in Seattle!

We have been planning this trip....well, I should saying dreaming....for awhile. When I started my RN program we always said that once it was over we would take a trip to someplace we have always wanted to go. Different options were thrown around but we always came back to Seattle. We talked about backpacking through Europe but when we realized we could do everything we wanted in Seattle and Canada for the same price as one ticket to Europe, that sealed the deal. 

But real life hit. Cars needed to be fixed, root canals done, and unexpected school bills creeped up. The week of our tax appointment we were feeling financially defeated. After all, we moved home to save money yet we were turning it all over to school and dental bills. If we owed for taxes we would both be in tears. During our tax appointment our dear tax man looked at us and said, " What amount would you be happy with for a refund?" At the same time Trav and I both replied, " Not owing anything!" He smiled, gave us our amount, and our jaws dropped. This year's tax return was a gift from above no doubt. We would be able to pay off yet another medical bill, put money back into savings, and......go to Seattle! 

So, at the end of the month we will be heading to Seattle, Vancouver, and maybe even Victoria for a fun filled vacation! Trav and I have learned these past 3 years that we LOVE traveling together. While it's usually to go see family, our trip to Colorado this past fall proved how much we love touring new cities and seeing what is out there. We have tons of sites we are planning to see....we may need another vacation when we come home just to rest up! 

I can't wait for this time to be adventurous with my Trav. It's a perfect way to celebrate the end of this journey we have been on. Thank you Jesus for this wonderful gift and for our tax angel :-)

Here are some sites on our agenda.....

Ah, she is a beauty!
This is #1 on Trav's list to see. He wants to watch the fish being thrown....and maybe go on a food tour!
Can't see Seattle and not go to the first Starbucks!
Sheraton Seattle where we will crash at the end of our busy days!
Up North is the tulip festival. We may have to pay a visit!
We are heading to Grouse Mountain in Vancouver to....ZIPLINE =)
While we are facing fears of heights, we might as well cross the Capilano Suspension Bridge :)

Hurry up March 30....we're ready for some adventure!


  1. SO excited for you guys! Seattle is one of my self-proclaimed favorite cities (even though I've never been there). You guys deserve this trip!

  2. Wish you guys could come! How fun would that be?! We still never did our wolf pack cruise :(