Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Thank You Daisy Mountain Station!

Last week I arrived in Arizona on Tuesday. I met up with my parents for lunch and than my mom headed back to work. While I was in the shower my dad got a call to pick my mom up at the hospital because she had gone with a student in an ambulance. Later we found out that a 2 ( or was he 3?) year old had had a seizure while in the classroom. Thankfully, my mom has assisted through many seizures so she knew just how to intervene. She did say after she had never seen one last so long and seen someone so blue from lack of oxygen.

The preschool wanted to say thanks to the firemen and paramedics who took care of the little guy. The 4 year old class made the cutest cards. Pictures hand drawn and messages saying," Thanks for saving Nicholis" were done all in 4 year old handwriting. Precious. My mom asked my sister and I to make oreo pops to take to the station with the cards. We figured when we dropped them off they would let Zoey see the truck ( ok, us too!) and maybe there would be a handsome one who my sister could meet. ;) Well, when we shower up they were pulling out on the truck. All of them. WE rang the door bell and stood there like dumb blondes for awhile before we noticed we were by the sign that said," Safe haven. Safe place for babies." Time to go. They ended up being out at training all day. Bummer! My dad ended up taking them on the day that the entire station was there. Zoey girl, we will find you another time to play on the truck!

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