Thursday, May 5, 2011

Lazy Day

Since we had been going hard on the tourism our first few days, we decided to relax some on Saturday. And by relax I mean, sleep, eat, eat some more, sleep, eat again, basketball games, and some more eating. Yes, we ate our way through Saturday and it was simply wonderful.

We were referred to Portage Bay Cafe, an organic restaurant that looked heavenly online. We mapped it out on the computer and saw it was just 2 miles away. Perfect for a morning walk! We set out with the intention of walking up an appetite so that we could truly indulge ourselves in the toppings bar. We followed our directions exactly but where it told us the cafe was, there was none. Just a traffic light and a dead end. Odd. We must have missed something. We back tracked a little. Than a little more. Finally we gave up and decided to ask a gas station where to go. They had no clue. Weird, right? If the restaurant was in this area you would think they would know. Well, of course they didn't because Portage Bay Cafe was by the actual Portage Bay. Where were were? The opposite side of town....4 miles away. Awesome.

So we turned around and set off back to where we came from. But along the way we saw some great scenery that we wouldn't have if we hadn't gotten lost.

As soon as we walked through the front doors of the cafe we knew it was going to be good. Walking for four miles was well worth it when my bananas foster french toast arrived and I sealed the deal with a trip to the toppings bar. Scrumptious.

As if we hadn't had enough to eat we hopped on the bus and headed uptown to find a cupcake place we were referred to. ( If you haven't notice we take our referrals pretty seriously. Especially when they are about cupcakes & french toast!) Trophy Cupcakes was quiant, cute, and oh so delicious! While Trav stuck with plain vanilla that he claims is the best vanilla he ever had, I tried chocolate peanut butter and was amazed at how heavenly it was despite my lack of love for chocolate. We debated getting two more to eat but opted out of it.

To work off all the food we were indulging in we took off to go find Gasworks Park. (yes, another referral ) Although it looked as if the sky was going to open up on us, I am so glad we made the trek because the views of the city were breathtaking. And, well, they filmed a scene from 10 Things I Hate About You there which made it even cooler.

We headed back to the hotel for a nap, some reading, and yes, some more Cake Boss. Since the final four for March Madness were on that night we decided to go grab Subway and eat in to watch the games. It was a fun, lazy day filled with lots of delicious new foods, great scenery, and adventure ;)

If you watched American Idol last week you will remember this song by Bruno Mars. Basically it is fitting for my husband ( especially considering for Lent this year he gave up laziness ;). However, if you know the Hardeman pup, Nike, than it's even more fitting for this pair.


  1. Oh em.... days like this stink! Glad you got creamer today and its a new day!!

  2. oops meant to post this under your bad day post:)