Thursday, May 5, 2011

'Cuz You've Had a Bad Day...

Whenever I hear this song I picture my four year old nephew, Vander, singing it in this sweet voice with a great set of lungs. He doesn't know all the words but that one catchy phrase comes out crystal clear. Yesterday, while this song was playing through my head...well, while it was my theme song for the day...I was wishing I had Vander to sing it because it would have brought a smile to my face!

Do you ever just have a truly bad day? Where you wake up and you know from the start things will go wrong? I knew I was doomed when I made my cup of coffee, opened the fridge door, and saw we were out of coffee creamer. Now sure, I could have run to the store on any given day but we were in a rush to get to my aunt's house to meet the movers. I didn't even have time for a Starbucks run. Doomed. Yes, coffee does make my day better. That probably sounds awful but really, you don't want to be with me if I am missing it. ( Just ask my husband!)

The day snowballed. One thing after another went wrong. By 7:30 I was done with the day. My head hurt, I really could find anything positive to say, and poor Trav had to listen to my sarcasm whether he wanted to or not. It was one of those days where you want so badly to crawl into bed, pull the covers over your face, close your eyes, and wake up a new, fresh day. I would have done that in the car driving to Irvine if I could have!

But, as I look back on certain things throughout the day I can't help but laugh now. ( by no means was I laughing yesterday!) Here are a few laughable moments:

* My aunt's garage had been filled with mice. We realized this while the movers were moving our stuff out and the floor, our fridge, our dressers, everything was covered in mice poop. Nope, not laughing at that. I'm still disgusted. But while I was sweeping up all the poop and cleaning her garage for her I thought I caught a glimpse of a mouse and screamed! Loudly. My poor aunt was so startled until we realized it was a leaf blowing through the garage. Did I laugh than? Nope, just scowled to myself. ;)

* We rented a storage unit that we had before. While the movers were loading up to bring their next load in, I decided to go check out the unit we had. I went in to find that the light doesn't work in the fact, it will never work for some weird reason the facility gave us. Why that made me mad, I don't know. But as I was standing there fuming at how much we are paying for a unit that has a light not working, one of the movers came in with a load of boxes. I heard this thud and an, " Ow. woah, I can't see!" He had run straight into the back wall of the unit in the dark! Poor guy....I'm chuckling now just remembering it! Maybe it was good I wasn't in a laughing mood in front of him!

* I had to leave while they were unloading into our unit in Trav's car to run and get more cash because we were going to owe them more. I was flustered and ticked while in a hurry for who knows why. I pulled into this wannabe Circle K parking lot and got out of the car. Oh, but I left the car on and it started rolling forward as I was getting out of the door causing me to trip while staring in disbelief at how the car was still moving. As it hit the curb I jumped back in and jammed it in park. We won't tell Trav this one! 

* I was at the gas station down in Orange filling up after driving back from Irvine. I had to go inside to pay and when I came out there was a man collecting money for a homeless shelter. I dropped a dollar in and was about to keep walking when he said, " Mam, I hope you have a blessed day & a great Mother's Day!" Do you know what I did? Besides scowling, I turned to walk away ticked that this man thought I either had a child or was expecting. I than mumbled to myself I would never wear the outfit I had on again. Way to kill doing something nice. As I drove home the verse, " whatever you do for the least of my brothers, you do for me" was trying to run through my head but I was pushing it aside with thoughts of, " Seriously, just because I am wearing a t-shirt does NOT mean I look like I am pregnant." Oh man, what in the world was I thinking....he meant no harm!

* In the afternoon I was already done for the day. Wanting to start a new one. I thought it would be great to lay by the pool and just relax, soaking in the sun. Except I talked on the phone the whole time which is fine but I layed facing the sun with one arm holding my phone to my ear and the other resting across my forehead to block the sun from my eyes. ( Oh yes, I lost my sunglasses yesterday too) I don't need to explain the tan line I have across my forehead nor my reaction when I saw it later last night. ;)

Here is a video of that song. 

Thankfully, today is a new & beautiful day. And yes, I have already had my coffee =)

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  1. Oh man, Emma. I HATE days like that. It's the worst when you're so mad that you can't even laugh at the funny things. I'm glad you're laughing now.