Sunday, May 29, 2011

The City of....

...I want to say pot but that probably won't look to good as a header. Yet sadly, that is what I remember most about Amsterdam.

The last time I went to Kenya I had an 8 hour layover coming home but I opted out of taking the city tour and I am so thankful now because I probably would have feared my life walking alone in this city! This trip, our 8 hour layover was on the way to Kenya. 6 of us decided to fight our sleepy, slightly Ambien/Tylenol PM drugged selves and sight see for a bit.

We decided to take the canal tour. Mostly because it was cheapest and partially I think because we were all so out of it we really didn't know what to do ;) It was a gloomy day in Amsterdam. We had a fun tour guide who kept things lively and filled us in on all the history we could get in a short time. I was pretty excited when driving to the canals we passed by a windmill. Most of the authentic ones are outside the city so I wasn't expecting to see one. Marrying into a Dutch family means I now love tulips and windmills.

It was gorgeous riding through the canals. The buildings have a ton of character and I am sure even more history to them! Passing by Anne Frank's hideaway apartment was a little surreal. I grew up reading book after book about her. I have always been fascinated by her story and than all of a sudden I was in front of where she hid out. 
Anne Frank Museum

Anne Frank's place is on the right!
In this city instead of having big parking garages they have HUGE parking garages solely for bikes! Crazy, huh? There are bikes everywhere. I mean, everywhere! There are also marijuana "coffee" houses everywhere too. Although it is a pretty city, there are some weirdo people and not a whole lot of morals. 

Our boat had quite a slew of people on it. Katelyn and I were both wearing glasses and were mistaken as sisters to some Chinese tourists. One plopped right down next to Katelyn to take his picture with her. Later, the guys in our group told us they were video taping us the whole time. For all we know we are on some weird, home video out in China somewhere!

It was nice to get out of a plane and airport for a bit to see a new city, a new country. Plus, we got stamps in our passports which is always fun! After returning to the airport we found the meditation lounge where we all settled down to read or snooze. Katelyn and I were passed out and our group ended up leaving us, drooling in our chairs, to go take HOT showers in the Delta Sky Lounge. I'm not bitter or anything ;)

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