Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Weekend in AZ

A few weekends ago I headed out to Arizona to see the fam & pick up supplies collected for Kenya. The hardest thing about these trips is that they are just too short! I was blessed to have been able to see everyone out there & spend some time at each home. But I am definitely ready for a trip to AZ (and STL) where I can stay for a week and simply enjoy that time with family without being rushed!

I started out at my parents house. The day I got there was the day before the Royal Wedding. I was planning on staying up all night to watch it but than my mom surprised me by letting me know she was taking Friday off work & was going to stay up all night with me! ( She wouldn't normally do that but she has lots of vacation days to use up). To say this was a lifelong memory in the making is an understatement. What a fun night with my mom! We ate my dad's buttery popcorn, guzzled our coffee, and curled up on the couch as we watched history in the making....live. It was fun watching all the guests come in, feeling the anticipation for Will & Kate's arrival, critiquing hats, and more. We were troopers and made it all the way through to the balcony smooches! I am so thankful my mom and I had that time together. It's something I will hold close to my heart forever.

We had to hit the Anthem outlets but somehow my mom and I found ourselves in all the kids stores. Of course, this led to some plug-ins on more grandchildren....at least I know when we do have kids I can shop somewhere with great deals! My parents took me to eat at their "Ricardos." They hadn't found a good Mexican restaurant until recently and it was gooood. Nestled in the middle of the desert ( literally) it was secluded and open and had the perfect evening breeze blowing through the patio. I am looking forward to more trips here. Afterwards, we went to see their new house. Yes, they bought a place where they will move into in June. I love it. Absolutely love it. It is so perfect for them and I can already envision our kids eating my mom's 4th of July sundaes on their patio! 

Saturday was busy. It started off with Parker's soccer game. For being only 5 he has some serious talent. Kristel is already the "soccer mom" as she cheers louder than I think people do at professional games! It was fun surprising Park and seeing how much he has improved since the last game I saw. I will say he is tougher than I am out there getting right in the middle of things and taking some blows as goalie! We met up with Kody after his t-ball game for some breakfast. I headed over to Kristel's to pick up her straightener and play with all the kids for a bit. Oh how I wish I could have stayed for a few days!

At lunch time I headed down to Gilbert to see the Ermelings. They were just getting back from Tessa's soccer game! We had a fun afternoon with some Target shopping, toe nail painting, Littlest Pet Shop playing, and lots of snuggles. That night Lyns directed the younger version of "Godspell" at her school. Lexi sang in the chorus so Tess, Ryan, & I were able to watch the whole show. For junior highers they did great! ( Plus, they had the best director around!) The girls and I went for frozen yogurt after where we piled high our toppings and quick ate them before their parents saw ;) Again, too short of a time down in Gilbert. Time to head back!

I'm glad I was able to spend time with everyone even if it was short! And, I have to brag for just a minute because that's what aunts to best....

My niece Lexi is a natural born ballerina. Really, it's in her blood. I have been to watch her rehearsals where she is dancing with girls 3-4 years older than she is. I see how the teachers look at her different and how people comment on how good she really is for being only 9. I know without a doubt in my mind she is going to go far. But the best thing is, she loves it. It's this inner joy that comes out when she dances. There is always a smile on her face, not forced, just pure joy. My sister just sent me this picture which captured a moment showing just that. I wish I could see her dance in Sleeping Beauty but I know she will be wonderful!

( Lexi is the one on the far right!)

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