Sunday, March 27, 2011

Thankful to be an Aunt, not ant!

The other day I received this poem in an email from Maddie.  I frequently will open my email in the morning to find a cute note from her.  I love how even though my sisters and their kids live out of state, I still have a relationship with each of them that is similar to if we lived next door. In fact, last week the Butterfields were out of school and playing doctor during the day. I received a phone call from " Dr. Maddie Butterfield" and found myself playing with them over the phone. ( I just received my prescription in the mail. So cute!)

Have I mentioned being an aunt is the best?

The Best Aunt in the world!!
By Maddie Butterfield

When I talk about ants,
What do you think?
Oh, there small little insects,
So annoying and small.
Wait, didn’t I already say small?
Oh well, they are very small.
But my AUNT is everything opposite.
She is 5’7 tall,
And she is never annoying at all!
See, I told you she was different from all those little ants
If you had only believed me,
You wouldn’t have gotten ants in your pants!!
Oh yeah, and I forgot to say something,
She is the best aunt in the world!

Note from author: Hi Emma! I love you so much! You’re the best aunt (not ant) in the world!
Love, Maddie 

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