Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Ever wondered they story behind the "Wizard of Oz?" Ever wondered why the Wicked Witch is indeed wicked ( or not;)? Do you simply love good Broadway music, fabulous costumes, and a story that grabs at your heart? Than it is a must you go see the musical, Wicked.

Trav and I saw it once, years ago, and fell in love. (surprisingly he did too.) When we were dating he was so great about coming to see shows with me. I usually received tickets as birthday or Christmas gifts and Trav would always be my date. I loved that he was honest with me about his feelings for each one. For instance, Oklahoma was not a favorite but he said he could see Jersey Boys over and over again. And than we saw Wicked. The night we saw it was eventful. I basically broke my nose and was in getting an xray just an hour or two before we left. I was devastated. We had been waiting for so long to see it and than when we did see it, I couldn't put my glasses over my swollen nose which led to missing out on have of the show.
But, we saw it again. My sister and her husband gave us tickets to see it for Christmas. And the timing couldn't have been more perfect. We saw it last week, just a day after I found out I passed my boards! (post to follow...) What a perfect celebration! We had without a doubt the best seats in the house, I did not have a broken nose, saw the whole thing perfectly, and it was even better the second time. 
( I had a handsome date!)

It's a wonderful story and the music will be in your head for weeks! If you haven't seen it, it is still out here at the Performing Arts Center and I am sure it will be in LA soon! 
I'm really hoping they make a movie with the original Broadway cast. How incredible would that be?!

It really is magical!

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  1. I LOVE Wicked! Saw the show - and I've even read the series of novels (obsessed maybe?) Glad you guys had a great time!