Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Unknown

It can be so nerve wrecking. A little frightening. But at the same time, really exciting. The unknown is what Trav and I are headed into. Come next February I will be done with nursing school and a licensed RN. ( fingers crossed!) However, were I will work, what will Trav's career entail, and where we will live is unknown to us. We have been praying for the past year for the Lord to open doors for each of our careers as well as the best place for the two of us as a family. We've prayed that we will have opened minds and hearts to follow where He leads. We know in the end, it's His plan for our lives and we are along for the ride. He is the author after all. It's taken this past year for both of us to come to peace with the unknown and the many possibilities that we have for next February, but we have reached it together and are pretty excited to see what God has in store for our family.

Today was a rough day at clinical. After sending out a text asking to be covered in prayer before beginning some new procedures, I assumed it would make the day better. Wrong. I was discouraged thinking that if everyone was praying, why was the day so hard and why did I feel so down!? But, once again I am reminded that He works in marvelous ways and I sould never doubt. I ended up learning alot from today and I wouldn't have should it have gone any different. Those prayers that were lifted up for my fears ended up being an answer to prayer, it just took me a little bit to see it. Same goes for after clinical. I don't like to use God as a genie but sometimes it's nice to see a sign to know that you are hearing what He is saying or where He is leading. Trav and I had an extra long prayer last night as we have felt pretty confused this week about next spring and in my mind I was thinking, " Please give us a sign. Put a road sign out there so we know where you want us to be." Well, on my way home from clinical today I received some unexpected news that knocked me over my head. Completely unexpected. Totally a sign. And an exciting possibility. Only the Lord could have had His hand in this to present it to Trav and I. We had a fun time talking through it at dinner and how incredible His timing is sometimes.

So, if you could keep us in your prayers over these next few months we would be forever grateful. Great things are coming our way! Please pray for patience, guidance, and that we are able to stay open and focused on His plan.

"Call to Me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know! "Jeremiah 33:3.

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