Friday, August 20, 2010

Goodbye Med-Surg!

This week was a stressful one for my med-surg class. On Monday we had our HESI, an exit exam. It basically is a mock state board but only in the content material of our Med-Surg class ( plus everything we learned in LVN school & what they think we should know). It was only 55 questions, some weighing higher than others, which leaves no room for error. The score needed to pass was a 800 raw score. If you don't pass the first time a retake is given only once. 

I studied hard. The house was empty this weekend so I gathered my books and made studying fun by laying beside the pool! I would take breaks to "cool off" and take a practice exam online. By the time Sunday night came I was feeling confident but my nerves were still there. I talked to my AZ family as they were having a BBQ together and it made me really sad. I miss my parents. I miss my dog. I miss my sisters. And man, I miss my nieces and nephews. Trav and I had made plans to drive out to AZ on my week off but if I didn't pass the HESI I wouldn't be able to go since the retake was scheduled for the following Monday. I started panicking that I wasn't going to be able to see them. I was panicking that I wouldn't pass the test. I was doubting myself, my knowledge, abilities, and confidence. My dad sent me a reassuring text that I definitely needed to see. His text said, 

" Remember why you are studying. There are some special kids out there who need & want a nurse like you. Do this for them. Be excited about helping them."

Dads always know what to say! And guess what?! I passed the HESI...with flying colors! When my screen popped up that it was tallying my score, I almost went into cardiac arrest. Literally. I was sitting there telling the screen in my mind that I just wanted to see my dog and praying for an 801. And what do you know, it pops up that I scored a 1050! Wooo!!! Passed! Done with Med-surg!!! Thank you Lord! What a great feeling that was! 

Yesterday was my last med-surg clinical at Kindred. I will write about that in a minute though because it was a great day and I just can't leave out any details :-) Until than, thank you for all who were praying for my test!

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