Sunday, August 8, 2010

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To some, a hospital is a scary place. They don't like walking through those big front doors into a place of such uncertainty. They don't like the smells or the atmosphere or the "what ifs". But to me, hospitals are magical. I know, crazy but true. When I walk through the front door of any hospital it is an incredible feeling. To me, they portray a feeling and enviroment of healing and great things. I love walking through the halls, the shiny floors that are always glistening, the sound of beeping IVs and machines, and the hustle & bustle of Drs and nurses running around as they provide care. 

That being said, I love visiting new hospitals. Buildings are inspiring in general. Architecture can be a pretty fascinating thing. Football stadiums and baseball fields are must sees when on vacation, but I also have Trav make one more stop: the biggest hospital in the area. I have a list of hospitals I love and hope to see one day. I am well aware that I am probably completely crazy but I truly love them. I love the helio pads and knowing that they provide an entrance for organ transplants to make their way to their recipients & for emergency cases to have a fast way of transportation. When I worked next door to CHOC, I had a view of their heliopad. Every time I heard the rumble of the helicopter in the distance I would open my blinds all the way so I could watch them land, the medical team prepared on foot for them, and the rush as they unloaded and hurried inside. Most would think it's really sad because it means someone is really sick, and yes, that is true. Those helicopters do transport critical cases but, magical things happen in hospitals. God gave Drs, nurses, researchers and more great technology, knowledge, and skills so that they can take these tragedies, act as His healing hands, and provide healing. It's incredible.

Here are just a few of my favorite hospitals. Some I have set foot in. Some I will see soon. Others I hope to visit one day.

 Phoenix Childrens, AZ
( New building)

Barnes Jewish, MO

Siteman Cancer Center @ Barnes Jewish, MO

Boston Children's Hospital, MA

Cardinal Glennon, MO

( building in progress)

City of Hope, CA

Denver Chlidrens, CO

SSM St. Mary's, MO

Rush, IL

Texas Childrens, TX

UCI Medical Center, CA

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