Friday, August 13, 2010

Park Vista at Morningside

My next 8 hours of community observation were spent at Park Vista in Fullerton. It is an assisted living facility and let me tell you, this place is nice. It exceeded my expectations. Usually when you think of assisted living or skilled nursing facilities, you picture the worst. But Park Vista really encourages that their facility feels like a home to each resident. 

I spent the majority of my day in the "special care" unit. Here reside those who are suffering from dementia, Alzheimer's, and other disorders of that sort. The residents watched "Singing in the Rain" and I gave hand massages during it. It's amazing how something as simple as that is just what they need. A little comfort, human touch, and attention. I observed some therapy classes including music therapy which was very interesting. I enjoyed walking by the different rooms and popping my head in to say hi. There was one room I stopped by but refrained from going in because I had mistaken it for an office. As I was leaving I saw the patient's info outside. Wait, this is a patient's room? I knocked and went back in to see him sitting on this huge flat screed computer typing away. The news was playing on his tv that was hanging on the wall. He had a massive cherry wood desk set up. He had transformed his room into his office with his bed off in the corner. How sweet is that!?! And, it allows them to feel like this is their home.

I had another great community observation experience. At first, I was bummed to have to find the time to fulfill these hours but I have learned so much for these days. Plus, I really do enjoy just taking the time to hang out with the seniors around here. They truly are wonderful!

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