Sunday, February 14, 2010

Weekend in Arizona

We haven't seen my sisters girls since August! It had been way too long! We were going to try to head out there for a weekend in January but it didn't work out. Thankfully, there was a weekend Trav had off work and the Dr I work for was out of the country so it was the perfect time for a quick trip to AZ. We made it out in great time on Fri...I forget how easy the drive is. Just a straight shot through a whole lot of nothing! After pizza and a movie with the girls, we stayed up chatting with Ryan and Lyndsay. Lyns and I made a quick trip to the coolest SuperTarget ever for the game Catch Phrase and we stayed up playing some intense games verses the husbands.

Saturday morning, I woke up to two blondes sitting over me in bed. While Trav and Ryan went golfing, I got to head to Tessa's ballet class. The instructor let me sit in on the class and she was just too cute dancing! While Lexi dances all over the house and is basically a pretzel, I've never been able to watch Tessa dance. Kristel and her kids came over that afternoon. It was so special having them all together! We spent the afternoon sliding down the slide, swinging, playing soccer, buzz lightyear, and doctor. Ryan and Lyns made yummy carne asada for dinner. Poor Trav couldn't truly enjoy it because he was suffering from this stomach bug that was going around his family. Saturday night the girls had a father-daughter dance so they were really excited to get all dressed up and receive a flower from their dad. I remember going to father-daughter dances with my dad and how he made me feel like a princess!

Sunday morning we headed to church and I realized how much I miss having little ones sit with us during the service. Tessa snuggled right up next to Trav and I had Lexi right there with me. Trav and Ryan headed to a virtual golf place for the afternoon while us gals got ready for a "God is Love" Valentine's Day party for the girls and their friends. It was fun helping them get ready. We made heat-shaped brownies and PB&J sandwiches. My sister is Miss Creativity so everything was color coordinated for V-day, crafts were planned, and a pretty sweet treasure hunt. I loved meeting ( and hanging) with their friends!

It was hard to say good-bye after such a quick trip but I am already counting down till we see them( hopefully) in March! Lexi and Tessa are growing way too fast and I hate missing out on their lives!

On our way home, we swung by the Luster's for some bratwurst and Super Bowl. It was great seeing Ash and Levi...we sure miss them! We took a lil boat ride, toured some homes, and met their adorable puppy, Mason.

Big Sis

Blowing him a kiss

Love the slide

Mini Me


"Will you dance with me?"

Tessa and Zoey

Dress Up Heaven

Valentine's Cupcakes

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