Thursday, February 4, 2010

Great things come in a DOZEN!

A dozen red roses. A dozen of cookies. A dozen of eggs. But none of these are as wonderful as our dozen...of nieces and nephews!!! Yup, that's right. We are officially at a dozen! Can you believe it? We feel extremely blessed and can't get enough of any of them! There is just something so awesome about being an aunt and uncle....I can't even explain it. Whenever we look back to our wedding, it was so special having the kids so involved. It feels like every memory includes one of them and I love it! I remember at one point when the two of us were out on the dance floor, we glanced around the whole room, catching a glimpse of each one and they were all just having the time of their lives it will be forever engraved in or memory.

Of course, we are biased and feel that our nieces and nephews are the coolest, cutest, best at everything, and just all around amazing! But I assure you....if you spend 5 minutes with any of will be agreeing with us! Well, since they are the highlights in our lives, it only seems fitting that we introduce you to them. So, here is our dozen, in age order:

Alexis Mae, 8

Lexi was born at the end of my freshman year of high school and I fell in love with being an aunt from the start. Lexi is full of life...and as flexible as a pretzel. She is quite the ballerina. I can't wait to watch her continue to grow as a dancer! Lexi just won the spelling bee at school....pretty sure she could out spell us! I love that Lexi feels like having a lil sister. Whenever I get ready she is always right there beside me, watching closely. I let her wear my eye shadow or lip gloss ( hmm, I guess I have since she was a toddler!) and she loves it!

Madison Rose, 8

Maddie is 6 days younger than Lexi. So when I became an aunt, I got a two for one deal! Pretty sweet! She and Lexi are best buds....and already planning on being college roommates. Maddie has a contagious laugh and a smile that lights up her face. She just got asked to play piano at an event at school... I so wish I could be there to hear her. I know she will do great! Maddie has a dramatic flair to her and I am excited to see where she goes with it! I remember when Maddie was 3 or 4 and she would sit patiently on my parents toilet so I could do her nails. She is already showing signs of being quite the homemaker too!

Samuel Roger, 7

Samdog is growing up fast! Right from the moment he met Trav ( I think he was 2) they were best buds. He refers to Trav as his "homedog" friends for life ;) Sammy is a natural athlete...he just moves like one. Golf, basketball, soccer, name it. Already at age 7 he is pitching years above his age. I imagine we will see him on tv one day. Sam has a personality that draws others to him and a heart to go along with it. While he can be crazy silly, he also will be one to snuggle right up with you on the couch....ok, not so much with his aunt emma ( i am a girl after all!) but with his homedog!

Tessa Aileen, 5 ( almost 6!)

This should be title my "mini me" for if you look at my baby pics, we are identical. While she is my niece, she is also my goddaughter, making it all the more special! Since she could talk, she has been a fashion diva. I remember her standing in my room, asking me what I am going to wear and than before I could finish telling me what outfit she thought looked best. Do we have a future designer on our hands? I love hearing her giggle, receiving her sweet messages on my phone, and you can't resist her crazy hair!

Hudson Jonathan, 5

Sweet Hudsie!!! Being the 3rd child can't be easy but he has quite the charm! Huds is the first one of my sisters kids that Trav knew as a newborn. I remember going to the hospital with him to see Hudson. Huds is a snuggler and I miss the days where I would sneak into his room while I babysat him and pick him slowly up out of his crib just to hold him close. He is getting so big and it's happening too fast! He is also showing that he will be following in his big bro ( and Dad's) footsteps as being natural with a ball. I'm pulling for football or basketball for him :)

Parker Richard, 4

Don't be fooled....this 4 year old is one smart cookie!!! His dimples light up his face and his curls make heads turn! Parkdog is already showing signs of being pretty artistic as well....he definitely colors better than Trav and I! I love when you tell him something ( usually when you are trying to use adult code) he sits there and you can see his brain working as he breaks it down and figures it out. He has started playing sports and when playing soccer with him one day I realized he has some serious natural talent!

Savannah Ruby, 3

The nickname "Savilicious" is pretty fitting for this lil spitfire. She is already giving her parents a run for their money! But is she ever a bundle of joy! She is as girly as they come but the next second you will see her running around and wrestling the boys. I can already tell that Savi is going to live life to the absolute fullest. I love that you never know what you are going to get with her...but you are guaranteed to laugh until your belly hurts!

Vander Mark, 3

Van man....or should I say "Tony Hawk" is the cutest lil blonde around. Ever since he was a baby he has been super smart...always seeming to be older than his true age. Van is more sociable than anyone I know...including myself! I can already see him in school....he will be friends with everyone! Van has a heart of gold and a sense of humor to match his crazy uncles and aunt Katie! And he is already showing signs of the NBA in his future!

Kody Patrick, 3

Oh the Kod Man....he is a character! And a monkey.....he loves to be held or to just crawl all over you, I love it! He has a sense of humor that leaves me in tears. I see football in his should see him run with the ball! He is bubbling over with energy and lots of love to give around. There is so much about him that reminds me of Sammy when he was that age. I can't believe Kody has already started school.....he just loves it!

Hudson Tine, 1

I can't get enough of sweet Huddy! There must be something about "Hudsons" because both of them are just the sweetest thing. Huddy's smile is beyond contagious and when he laughs, his whole face lights up. I love watching him learn new things from walking to talking and he is developing the cutest personality. It's pretty cute watching him and Van together....they are already the best of buds. When you are around Hud you can't help but want to kiss his cheeks...but he will meet you in the middle to kiss you right back!

Zoey Adair, 1

I can't believe Zoey girl is already a year old! My sister said she would never do pink...but Zoey is for sure a miniture Kristel because her pink items include a transformer, fave sport team outfits, diesel truck ( the ones that kids drive around), and lil quads. I love it! Zoey has a laugh that comes straight from her belly! She as well is developing a super cute personality...but I think she may give her mama a run for it later on!

We don't know the gender or name yet but this baby is already loved and in our prayers. We can't wait till September when we can meet and snuggle him/her!

The love and admiration we have for each one of them is overflowing. We are so proud of each of them and love watching them grow into these wonderful children of God. We love them all...bunches!

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  1. So cute em... All these little ones sure are lucky to have you and Trav to love on them!!!