Saturday, February 13, 2010

Where a kid can be a kid!

Grown ups can be kids here too! Our plan was to head to Disneyland with Van man since we just renewed our passes after a year and haven't taken him in what seems like forever! Of course, the one day Trav and I both have off work it rains so change of plans! Heidi , Dan and the boys came over for breakfast and than Van man stayed to hang. It was so cute seeing him and trav sitting side by side on the couch watching cartoons....Trav was just as in to it as Van! After a few games of hide and seek and of course, arresting each other we headed off to Chuckie Cheese. Apparently, we were one of the few who likes to arrive when it opens on a Friday morning so we spend some time snail hunting outside. When we got in we soon realized we scored coming early because all of the games had huge strands of tickets hanging out of them. Trav went running around the place collecting them for Van.

It's so fun watching a kid enjoy a place like this. His eyes lit up as he bounced from one ride to a game and back to the rides. He sat down on one next to Barney and said, " I just really like this big guy. You give him a hug because he is nice!" hahaha Oh Barney! We stayed in the younger area for awhile until Van realized that there was a whole other side of the place...and everything is MUCH bigger over there. He was playing the older kid games....and beating me! Trav and Van had fun shooting the water guns to hit the target and than playing the basketball games. After every shot he made, Van would throw his hands in the air and yell" Score!" Van and I spent a good 20 minutes in this Safari jeep where you have to "zap" all the bugs coming at you. I'm sure people outside were laughing as they heard this lil voice yelling, " I'll save you Emma! Those nasty spiders won't get you!"

We loved getting to spend a whole morning with Vander... and not going to work! We are so thankful to have Van ( and Huddy....and #3) live so close!

Beating His Uncle

Roller Coast Simulator ( makes your tummy turn)


Getting those spiders!


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