Thursday, January 21, 2010

Meet me in .....Vegas!!!!

When my sister called a few weeks ago to let me know she would be in Vegas this month with her husband and they wanted us to meet them, I jumped at the chance to see her! Trav quickly called work and within 15 minutes he had the weekend off and our plans were set to head out there. Leanna and her family moved to St. Louis a few years ago. While it's hard not having them live just a few minutes away, it's really fun visiting a new place and seeing new things! And whenever we see each other, it feels as if it had only been 5 minutes since the last time!

Lea and Jon spent most of the week in Vegas for the conference and than we drove out on Friday after I was done with school. As soon as we walked into the villa we were staying in, Jon and Trav were joking as if 6 months hadn't passed in between our visits. We decided just to walk around the first night and see what was going on. Our first stop was Coyote Ugly....we just had too. Lea and I used to watch the movie when it came on ( on VHS mind you!) over and over. It was fun going to the real one with her! I still think we should have jumped in on the hula hoop contest that was going on. Next time! We grabbed some pizza....or should I say " Pepperoni Pie" and walked around one end of the strip. Jon and Trav tried their luck at wasn't a lucky night.

The next day Jon has a conference so Lea and I hit the outlet mall! Trav headed back to the Luxor and won back what he had lost the night before...whew! After getting sucked into a Lifetime movie and basketball games we headed back down to the strip for Saturday night. Hawaiin Tropic Zone was the spot for can you pass a buy one entree get one free?!?! The food was delicious! We decided to see a show and than walk around a few hotels.

Lea and Jon left the next morning bright and early. I have a super sweet Hubby who surprised me with another night there...just us! We checked out of one hotel and into another! We spent the day walking through all the different hotels! I had only been in three before so it was off to the Venetian, Wynn, Bellagio, Paris, and so on. I love mini vacations with Trav. It is so nice to step back from work, school, bills, and our crazy schedule to just spend time together...away from it all! Unfortunately, I had a term paper due on Sunday and was putting it off so I had to write it while we were there. It's ok though because it gave Trav an excuse to gamble...and win big!!! Dinner was at Cheesecake Factory at Ceasar's Palace...delicious! After I showed Trav how the slots are played....and we won! Around 11 we decided we couldn't resist all the music we were hearing and had to bring out our dance moves! We headed to club Pure and memories from Concordia came flooding back as we danced the night away! :)


  1. I love that you guys went to a club!!! Did Trav do his signature move? :)

  2. oh he did a bunch of signature moves! lol sad thing is...I actually felt old there. Like I was no longer young and hip with cool moves. :( And we left when everyone was just getting their night started...oh, we are so old!