Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Back to Bloggin!

Has it really been a year since I have blogged about the current happenings in our lives? Granted I had a blog rolling when I journeyed to Kenya last April....but my goodness, a whole year since I signed on to a blog just to blog. Well, at the start of a new decade...ok, ok kinda a New Year's Resolution as well, I'm going to try my best to keep up with this thing!

Another New Year's Resolution is to find time to do things I have always wanted too! I have a list on my computer of projects to work on....the key is finding the time, but I am going to start making it a priority! From homemade home things for my nieces and opening up my own page on Etsy....I am bound and determined to get them all going.

Hmmm... you are probably thinking " Enough with the New Year's resolutions...on with what you and Trav are up too." so here is a short and sweet recap.

Trav has been employed by Target for over a year now and loves it. We couldn't be more blessed because this job certainly was dropped into his lap when he was least expecting it. Gotta love how our God works like that! He is currently the Exceutive Team Leader- Assest Protection. (I hope I got that right...he always rattles off Target lingo in a bunch of letters and I try to follow as best as I can) This position has been a great fit for Trav and I love watching him excel. I had the opportunity to shop in his store ( which is over 30 miles from our home) and it brought me such joy to hear all of the employees ( executives and on floor team members) praise him. While the hours are long and somewhat crazy and the drive is filled with hours of traffic, He definetely is where the Lord wants him to be. In his "free" time he plays in a few men's league basketball teams with teammates from college, loves stopping by his parents to take their chocolate lab for a run, working out, skateboarding or watching Wow Wow Wubbzy with the Van Man and is turning into a pretty good handyman!

I have been working for an Ophthamology surgeon for a little over a year and within the past few months was moved to Surgery Scheduling. I though I would miss the constant interaction with patients but it has been a great learning experience for me as well as I get some great one on one time with my pre-op patients. I am currently working towards my RN and will be finished in exactly a year! Woo! While the road to receiving my RN has been challenging ( and long!) I can see how thru each wait, set back, or delay God has taught me something new and I have grown, so in the end it is totally worth it. It's His plan after all....I just have to keep reminding myself as the months pass on! In what I can consider "free" time I love to cook/bake, read a no thinker book, do anything that involves any of our nieces and nephews, and shop....window shop that is. ;)

Together we still love our Disneyland dates and just recently re-invested into passes so we can go more often. There seems to always be a show we are addicted too and once we are hooked...we are hooked untill every season on DVD is watched. We love spending time with our families and are so thankful that we have some that live close by. We are currently renting a home in Fullerton and Trav's sister lives right up the street! It seems like every year in the past 6 years we have had a niece/nephew of right now who knows what 2010 holds but we are crossing our fingers for another one! God has recently called us into youth ministry and we serve as counselors for the High School Youth Group at our church. Neither of us could forget the little kids though, so one Sunday a month you will find us teaching Kindergarten Sunday School! The kids just love Trav! He somehow always seems to tie cartoons into the lesson...and they not only love it, but get something out of it! It's amazing what we learn about our faith from the high schoolers and the lil kids.

Well, so much for short and sweet! ;) Trav and I have had so much to be thankful for and our first year+ of marriage has been a great journey and it is only the beginning!


  1. Trav called last night to tell Vander Wow wow wubzy came to his work yesterday:) Glad you are blogging again!

  2. How fun! I'm so glad you're back on here! I still have ambitions of writing a blog about Europe even though it happened in 2007!

  3. Ah man....she beat me by one minute!