Thursday, January 14, 2010

The 6 Best Friends....

.....that anyone could have! If you have seen the movie "The Hangover", you may recognize this song that Al sang in the backseat while driving through the desert of Nevada. He would also be the same guy who gave one fine speech about his wolf pack. Well, here is our "wolf pack!!"

From left to right you have: Nate and Ashley Klitzing, Trav and I, and Levi and Ashley Luster. The guys all went to Concordia Irvine together, played basketball, and were roommates. Does it get any better than that? Us girls came into the picture a little later and became friends just as fast! We all were married in 2008...and who knows, maybe one day we will all be prego at the same time! ;)

Some of our greatest memories our with our wolf pack.From Dollar Theater movies, to walks to downtown Fullerton, sleepovers, couple's bible study, housewarmings, weddings, and the list could go on and on. What makes our relationships even stronger is the fact that we all have one common bond: Jesus. I love when it comes around to eating a meal and the guys take turns blessing the food. I can already imagine the same scenario years down the road as our kids stand there with us. Last year we were able to head up to Big Bear for the weekend and vacationing with this group is fantastic! When our husbands are together they are like little kids and I just love it! The girls were busy grocery shopping, cooking, and chatting away. It was a wonderful weekend! I know there are many more vacations in our future!

Last weekend, the Luster's packed up and moved to Arizona as they followed where the Lord was guiding them next. It was a tearful weekend but thankfully we got to spend it all together. For their last night in California we all hung out at their empty house. The 6 of us were standing in a circle as goodbyes were beginning and I looked around to savor the moment. I couldn't help but think, " When will the 6 of us be in the same place together again?" But I quick snapped out of it because this is a lifelong group we have and it doesn't matter where we all live...I know we will make it a priotity to all be together. Trav and I already miss the Lusters like crazy....but are so proud of them for taking this giant leap and trusting that it's His plan. We know AZ holds great things for them! We are thankful to have the Klitzings still close by and a new tradition of "Bachelor" and "24" Mondays has begun!

What was once roommates, teammates, and "girlfriends", soon became friends, and has now turned into family. We love our wolfpack!!!!!

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