Thursday, June 30, 2011

God is WILD about you!

"He's Wild! He's Wild! God is Wiilllddd about YOU!" Trav has come to find it normal that I dance around the house singing this song with my hands in the air doing the hand motions. No, it's not a new release on the Fish. It's even cooler than's from Vacation Bible School last week!

Due to school or work I haven't been able to help with VBS since I was in high school. When I realized that this summer my schedule is a little too free, I jumped at the chance to spend a week with these kiddos and teach them about how God really is wild for each one of them. My good friend put the whole week long event together and did an incredible job. I mean, incredible. Even the smallest details were planned with perfection. What amazed me even more was that throughout the week she never showed signs of stress or being frazzled. There was always a smile on her face. It was contagious.

The theme this year was Panda Mania, God is WILD about you! The kids loved it! From visits from Kung Fuey every morning to movie mania, tasty snacks, bible adventures, water games, and cool crafts we had busy fun filled mornings. I had a class of 11, all mixed ages, that was named "Komodo Dragons". One girl in my crew made up our cheer that went like this, " Komodo Dragons one by one. We shine God's light because we are having fun!" So cute! 

One of my favorite parts of the week was having Vander, my nephew, in my crew. I didn't think they would let him because he is only 4 but they did! It was so fun watching him get excited about everything, learn the memory verses, wanting to help the Living Water fund and walk away talking about the Bible stories along with everything he learned. It was a fun week from our car rides to and from VBS, watching his little faith grow, hiding from the water gun shooting panda, and getting to spend so much time together! For being only 4 I was amazed at how he kept up with the big kids and how smart he is! On the last day he volunteered to go up front and recite a memory verse in front of everyone! Way to go Van!
Van going into the belly of the big fish for bible time!

At the end of the week there was a wrap up BBQ held at the school with bounce houses, hot dogs, ice cream, and.....the real Jana Alyra. :) We took Van and Huddy as our dates. I have to say, it was one of the best nights we have had. We grabbed our hot dogs and hamburgers, spread out our blanket, and before you knew t we were having a picnic with some of the other kids from our crew. Vander and Huddy ran off with Brandon, another Komodo Dragon, and disappeared into the land of the bounce houses! During the concert they sat up towards the front and danced the whole time. Both were called up on stage to sing with Jana. They loved it! After dropping them off I looked at Trav and said," Nights like this make me..." and before I could complete my sentence he finished it for me by saying, "...excited to have kids one day!" 

It was a special week, both with Van and being able to lead a group of fantastic kids into being on fire for the Lord. At a time where I have been missing Kenya I was thankful and blessed for the opportunity to serve His children right here. The book, Heaven is for Real, stresses how much Jesus loves the children. I can truly see how He works through them to reach all of us. There is nothing like a child's faith!

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  1. He's wild He's wild... that song is still being sung over here:)

    Such a blessing that you took Vander with you. He had such a great time and he still has those notes for you to deliver for him:)