Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Team Leader

Ah yes, it's the eve of another Thursday in the life of an RN student! :-) This week is a little different for me. I still had to head to the hospital today, but I did not pick out a patient. Why you may ask?! Because tomorow I will take on the role of Team Leader. The role of team lead acts much like a charge nurse would on the floor. My peers patients are also my own. I will be available tomorrow to help and assist with anything they need. Tonight, I will be putting together a report on each patient to rattle off to our instructor in the morning. I will need to set up a med pass schedule so it flows in the morning. 

Leader positions are not my strong point but I am excited for this challenge and new role tomorrow. I think I will learn alot, as I will have my hands in 7 different patients and their needs instead of just one. Prays for effective leadership skills and great teamwork tomorrow would be great!

To trying new things,

A newbie team leader

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  1. Congrats Emma! I am behind on reading, so this has already occurred. I'm sure you blessed everyone as a leader! :)