Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hup Holland Hup

Go Holland Go!!! I will admit to jumping on the World Cup bandwagon! I usually don't watch soccer. Trav would have to bribe me or promise to sit through a chick flick later if I watched the game. I'm all for watching if I know a player or we go see a friend's game, but it's not a sport I follow. However, I do like the World Cup. The excitement, close games, countries uniting across the world, crazy fans.....I  love it! This year, Trav's "roots" made it to the finals! I was pulling for Germany to beat Spain because I thought it would be so cool to watch the teams from our heritage play each other.

So, due to the fact that Holland made the finals, I instantly acquired Dutch roots. :) I have none in me but I am happy to inherit through marriage a little Dutch and even more excited to pass that heritage on to our kids one day! We were both pumped for the final game and decided we wanted to "experience" the game someplace other than our living room. We both love San Diego and haven't made a day trip down there in awhile. Our cousin, Josh, gave us some great tips on places to watch the game. We headed down on Sunday morning, decked out in our orange of course, only to find that everyone else had the same idea we did. The British soccer pub we had wanted to go to had been sold out since 8am! Crazy! Plan B came into play as we changed locations to Oggi's in Point Loma. It was right by where Josh and Bekah lived so they met up with us for lunch and to cheer on the Netherlands!

After the game, we swung by their place to check it out. What a gorgeous view they have over looking the harbor! They gave us some inside pointers on things to do in the area and thankfully, directions too! It was really fun having the chance to hang with them and we look forward to spending more time at Bass Lake together! Trav and I journeyed to Ocean Beach and took in the atmosphere. Hippie comes to mind but we loved it! Bekah recommended this delicious smoothie place with great acai bowls. The bowl looked delish but it was huge so I stuck with an acai smoothie that was to die for! If you haven't tried acai, it's a must! 

After walking around we headed over to Balboa Park. Love at first sight? I think so! What a great place it is! You feel as if you are in a whole different country. 
  Museums line the streets where street performers are working to make a few bucks. Families with kids running around, people walking their dogs, and students studying on the grassy lawns that scatter across the park. We walked around probably the entire area, even ending up on a Palm Canyon hiking trail that was gorgeous. 

One of our favorite stops were these little huts representing different countries. We weren't able to go inside because they had closed, but we peaked in the windows.
It was a great day-cation! If you are in the San Diego area, stop by Balboa Park!

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