Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A new day

Tomorrow offers a brand new day on the med-surg floor.I'm excited to be back at the facility but I have to admit, after my lack of confidence freak attack last week, there is a small amount of anxiousness to tomorrow. I headed over to the facility tonight to pick my patient. After picking up a chart, I set to work taking down his history, diagnosis, and medications. From the looks of it tomorrow will be a great day.

He was recently weaned from his trach and was discontinued from being dysphagic today. ( having difficulty swallowing) He was placed on a mechanical soft diet with thin liquids and a 1:1 feeding. Meaning.....I will get to feed him breakfast and lunch. I actually really like being able to sit and feed patients. It's another blessing to being a student because I have the time to be with them and let them eat at their own pace instead of rushing through it because there are more patients to tend too. He suffers from L sided hemiparesis....paralyzed on the left side....from a stroke so he will need extra assistance with ADLs. ( Activities of daily living) Along with many other health problems he has a seizure disorder and Hep C. This will be my first time with a patient with both of these.

If you get a chance, pray for some confidence to head my way tomorrow! I don't like this feeling of nervousness! Pray for my patient and that I can do my absolute best to help him tomorrow and make his day just a little bit better.

Now, I must sleep! I've researched his medications and my careplan ( 21 pages!) that is due tomorrow is finished and man, she is a beauty!


An anxious RN student

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  1. You'll do great today Emma! And your patient is blessed to have you for the day! :) xoxo