Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tomorrow, Tomorrow...

Back from picking out my first patient and totally overwhelmed....ah!!!! I'm pretty excited about my patient though. For those of you who have sat through a Grey's Anatomy episode, you will appreciate this next reference. On the show the interns always fight for patients. They run to the ER doors to grab one coming off the ambulance or watch the surgical board for interesting cases. Christina Yang is always looking for the worst of the worst. Tonight gave me a little glimpse into their intern world. While standing around the nurses station, we couldn't help but ask for help with patients. You see, deep down we all really wanted one that would give us a great amount of experience. IVs, Foleys, G-Tubes, Wound name it. The nurses were great and gave us a list of rooms that would help keep us busy and give some experience. My pt has unstagable decubitus ulcers on literally every single bony prominence. In non-medical terms that means....awesome wound care for me to help out with tomorrow. Wound care has never been my strong point but tomorrow I will get a ton of practice. Plus, with each treatment, my patient will be that much closer to healing and with those types of ulcers, she is far from comfortable right now. She also has IV piggy back meds as well as IV push and I have never done those before.

Tomorrow holds alot of "firsts" for me but man, I'm excited! Say a little prayer the day goes smoothly. I will be pulling an all nighter tonight as I reasearch her 24 medications and memorize the classification, reason, and side effects for each in order to pass meds tomorrow. It's ok though because even if I was laying in bed, I certainly am too anxious to sleep right now!

Untill tomorrow......

A very excited, RN student

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  1. You are such a natural nurse EM!!! You are going to be amazing.It's neat to see you use the gifts that God has blessed you with!