Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Oh Kindred...

In this nursing term, I have clinicals on the Med-Surg floor as well as an OB rotation every other week where I will gain experience in the NICU, Post-Partum, and L&D. I was really looking forward to clinicals and the chance to be with patients again.

Last week consisted of orientations to our clinicals sites/floors. We met our instructors and I came home with an intense amount of anxiety regarding my Med-Surg instructor. Past clinical instructors have been pretty laid back. That is the last I will see of that. After laying out the plan for the next 8 weeks, I realized I may be in over my head. I was already nervous about heading back out on the floor and that day just didn't make it any better. I've come to realize though that as an instructor she is going to push me to do my best. She is going to challenge me & teach me things that you can't learn in a textbook. She is going to question my judgment to make sure I have it in me to stand up for my decisions, patient care, and that I am my patient's advocate.

Aside from that, I was really excited about being able to go into the OR, ER, Telemetry, and Ortho units. Until our site was changed to Kindred Westminister. Now, I spent my Med-Surg clinical for LVN school here and it was great for that. I was able to grasp passing meds and injections as well as insert my first NG tube, watch a chest tube insertion and more. But for this term, I was totally bummed to hear the news. I was ready for something different and completely jealous of my friends who are scrubbing in the OR today or running around the ER tomorrow. Why did I get stuck with a facility that is pretty close to being an assisted living/long term care facility?

Growing up, when my mom didn't like my attitude she would tell me to have an attitude check. After telling her my disappointment for tomorrow's clinical, she did the same. She reminded me that the patients at Kindred need just as much care as a patient in the ER. My sister piped in to remind me that there is a reason I was placed at this facility. The Lord knew that the patients I would encounter here need something I have to offer. What would I do without my family's support?

So, my attitude has changed. I will still be praying the entire drive to the facility tomorrow for strength, patience, and guidance but I know that He has a great plan for me at Kindred that I don't even know yet. With every patient I encounter, I always treat them as if they were my loved one. For that patient is someone's parent, sibling, child, grandparent, friend and most importantly loved by the Lord. I can only pray that His love shines thru my work in clinicals to touch and heal lives. I pray that I will be challenged to the ultimate this term and that because of it, I leave as a confidant, joyful, and hard working RN. I also pray that my perseverance and dedication to this term allows the door to open for the clinical group at CHOC next term....which would be my dream. So, if this is a stepping stone....a bump in the road....a challenge to overcome than bring it on. I'm ready. I'm ready to make a difference. I'm ready to learn. I'm ready to care.

Here's to tomorrow and the beginning of a beautiful Med-Surg clinical at Kindred.

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