Saturday, February 11, 2012

He is Quite the Guy

There is something special that changes in a relationship when you are pregnant. It's as if I have fallen in love with Trav all over again in a different, deeper way.  I look at him different, I appreciate smaller things, and I find that my heart is pouring out more love for him than I thought was ever possible. 

He has been my brain during this pregnancy. I know he thinks he has a nut case for a wife as I don't blame him. From locking my keys in my car, running out of gas on the freeway, forgetting different events, and more he has "saved" me more times than not in the past seven months. His role in our relationship has changed too. I find myself leaning on him more than ever and I've sat back as he has really stepped into the role of being the head of our little family. 

We recently began birthing classes. While we learned lots there were also many moments where I would catch Trav, shoulders shaking and all, as he stifled in laughter from a comment the instructor made about some sort of anatomy. He took some of it seriously though. I found myself waking up in the night to Trav rolling me over from my back to my side. You see, you are not supposed to sleep on your back but I'm  back sleeper. He gets so concerned for our baby that he has started either sleeping on my side of the bed so I cannot physically roll onto my back or with his arm propped up behind me for the same reason. It's pretty cute...although sometimes I wish he was not so strong so I could move him and Nike over to get a peaceful night's

The other night we headed into L&D to be observed because baby h was not moving that day thanks to her mom not taking it easy. When I called Trav he was at dinner with co-workers who had driven him there. Instead of asking for a ride back to work he ran. Yes, ran. In his work clothes. Back to his car. I guess I know how he will be when I call to tell him I am in labor :)

The relationship he already has with his daughter warms my heart. It's as if she already knows who he is. Daily he puts his face close to my belly and talks to her. Calling her by name, telling her how much he loves her, and so on. Most times it is followed by him placing his ear as if to hear a response ;) He has been working late recently and I found myself waking up at bizarre hours to her kicking...hard. It registered that when he comes home late he lays with his hand placed on my abdomen and it is always than that she kicks back. Well worth it to be woken up at 2am to their sweet communication.

I know my heart is going to melt when I see him holding her for the first time. But I know even more his heart is going to be lost in her. 

2 1/2 months to go! Can't even believe it!

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