Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Beautiful Day

The first thing that comes to my mind when thinking of the baby shower Trav's family threw last weekend is: Beautiful. Everything about it was nothing less of this. The details and thought into each decoration, the delicious food, but most importantly the people who were there and how they blessed our sweet daughter. It was such a wonderful afternoon amongst family and friends. Simply beautiful.

My parents came into town for the weekend and I loved having them back in California. ( although it made it harder when they left!) My sister Kristel came with her daughter Zoey and our great aunt Katie spent the entire weekend with us too. At 87 she came for the shower, made a delicious meal at her house that night, came to church with us, to visit our home, and for a late lunch at Chili's. I will treasure that always! It was fun having my family and Trav's together in one setting. There was lots of chit chat, lots of yummy food to eat, and too many gifts to be opened. Thankfully I had great helpers! Looking through all the things we received that day we are so blessed and our little one is so loved already!

One of my favorite traditions that is done at Vander Dussen showers is the blessing. Going around the room family and friends take a minute to say a blessing, kind words, memories, and more. The words said from those who are so close to me I will cherish and remember always. It is a very tearful time but so special. My sweet little cousin Kaelene, at age 9, even shared and it was the sweetest thing. After this everyone gathered around and prayed over Trav, myself, and baby H. With hands rested on me my aunts, moms, sisters, friends, and family prayed for our new family. They prayed for health, for a safe delivery, for our daughter's future, and for us as parents. More tears. It was a perfect ending to a perfect day. ( That and the cupcake I demolished once everyone left. Man, those were delicious!)

Here are some pictures from the shower. ( My sister in law took these.....they are amazing!)
 My dear Aunt Katie
 This was so sweet! Thanks Jenise!


 Love my sister in laws!
 Teri and her bikini babe :)
 Pregos together
 Thankful for these friends
Fabulous hosts
Love and miss my family so much!

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