Monday, December 26, 2011

Bowl Full of Jelly

Actually, a belly full of jelly is pretty much what it feels like right now. In fact the other night a friend put his hand on my belly to feel what it felt like and said, " It's like a water balloon." Yup, that is pretty much right on the dot. 

It amazes me how you can go from no belly but desperately wanting to be showing to waking up one morning and there she is! I swear mine popped out over night. Every morning I wake up, look down, and I am pretty sure she grew even more during the night. 

The best part is how feeling her went from "flutters" to full blown kicks, somersaults, and dance moves. I can feel her getting stronger by the week and I have to say, it's one of the most peaceful things to feel her move about in there. Until recently Trav was not able to feel her move. The other night I was laying in bed watching my skin move all over the place as she did a mini work out in there. Despite telling him it was not possible Trav decided he would see if he could hear her heartbeat. He placed his ear up against my abdomen but did he hear a heartbeat? Nope, instead he got one massive kick to the ear from his baby girl! He jumped back and yelled out her name. Than looked at me and said, " Holy cow that was her!" I imagine if she has some Kahler independence in her she was trying to tell him, " Dad, I'm doing my own thing right now. Let me be."

Another new thing with having a prego belly is how others react. Coming from a girl who has always fought with self consciousness and never wanted her belly looked at, exposed, or touched it is amazing how fast that flies right out the window. In the early stages of pregnancy Trav and I used to laugh about how people would try really hard not to stare at my stomach when we were talking but wanted to see if I was showing. I know I am guilty of doing the same thing to others. Now that our baby girl is having some serious growth spurts it has turned into a hand magnet. Co-workers I meet for the first time at work will casually come by my way and put their hand on my belly. A doctor I recently worked with was pregnant too and would come over to have us compare sizes or just to give my belly a pat. My girl friends even said they feel like their hand is just drawn to it and a long time guy friend couldn't help himself either much to his fiance's dismay that he needs to ask first. ;) Trav wakes up every morning and cradles his hands around it while he talks to her. Most nights too I wake up to him as he rolls over and somehow his hand finds her and rest gently right where she is.  But, I love it. I love how much our daughter is loved already. I love that all of these people are going to be snuggling her for real in just around 16 weeks. I love that she can hear what people are saying around her and familiarize herself with their voices. And I love having you all touch my belly. I'm pretty sure Baby H loves it too.

It's hard to believe we are at the 6 month mark and racing towards April. Although I'm not at the waddle around, can't sleep, unable to shave or tie my shoes yet I can't complain a bit about being pregnant. It is such a gift to be able to carry a child and know that everyday the Lord is designing something different in her. That He is making her unique in her own way already. And that inside me she is growing big and strong. It is as if we are already creating this incredible bond.

We are getting more and more anxious to meet our little one. And it's getting harder and harder not to slip with calling her by name in public!

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