Sunday, November 6, 2011

An Avocado

We just hit the 4 month....16 week....mark. Where is the time going?! In just a week we find out if our babe is a boy or girl! Eeeek! It's going to be hard being patient for one more week. We have a reveal planned for next weekend that I am so excited for. My talented sister in law will capture the moment with her photography skills followed by celebrating this new life with family and a few close friends.

The past 4 months have flown. Being in the second trimester is truly wonderful. I believe I may be one of those weird women who like being pregnant. But, ask me again when I am 35 weeks and waddling everywhere or Trav has to shave my legs because I can't see them ;)

I can feel Baby H move. Flutter, really. It is the most incredible feeling. I feel connected to him/her in this bizarre way, as if we are sharing this moment or communication between one another. If Trav presses on my belly when I am lying still, he/she will usually move after that...feeling like a butterfly kiss or sometimes a bubble.

Baby H is the size of an avocado now. That's big! The past two days a belly bump has started to appear. Bring on the belly band :) While I still become tired easily ( it would be much better if work was not so crazy) I can't complain because all in all I feel great. We had our second doctor's appointment this past week. I love that Trav gets so excited to come. He always has questions ready for the doctor. After weighing in Trav was concerned I was not gaining enough weight and worried because I don't have a big belly. ( Again, he won't be thinking this in a few weeks when I can't see my toes!) He quickly ran through his list of concerns with the doctor and learned we are right on track with everything. He's already a concerned dad for his little one.

I was hoping for an ultrasound but we didn't have one. The doctor did listen to the heart beat though. My sister had prepped me for this. She told me it can still be hard to find right away so not to panic if it took him a minute to find where the baby was. No need to worry though because as soon as he placed it on my uterus we instantly heard our baby's fast lil' heart pounding away. I could listen to it all day. Trav and I were both in such awe. Our God is so incredible. This pregnancy is taking my breath away as I can tangibly see how His work is progressing as He designs our child. Our doctor also showed us how to feel my uterus. What's funny is I have found, felt, and massaged ( after birth) the uterus of so many of my patients. However, I never thought to find my own! He showed us where it was and we both felt it. So cool.

I am also overwhelmed by how much Baby H is loved already. Our families can't wait to meet him or her, the nieces and nephews are so excited, and of course, the grandparents are all ready for another little one around. Our friends are already showering our baby with love and it brings me so much joy to know we are going to be bringing our child into this world that will be surrounded by people that love him/her so much. We are so blessed.

Cannot wait to find out what we are having. Stay tuned to see if our world will be filled with blue or pink! =)

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